Bingo is a social game that’s best enjoyed with friends. What better way to enjoy bingo with your friends than by sharing memes that make them laugh?

Memes are pictures or videos that can be shared online and usually include humour. You may have seen them before on social media sites, where they’re usually shared in groups and on people’s pages. The best memes are the ones that make you laugh while also being about something you enjoy.

Bingo is highly popular all over the world, so it’s no surprise to see so many bingo memes being made.

Whether you prefer to play online bingo or classic bingo at a bingo hall, you can be sure to enjoy these memes about this exciting game. Funny bingo memes are something we can all enjoy, and you can share these with your friends the next time you play.

#1 Your friends hear about the free bingo ticket promotion

Everyone loves free stuff, and what’s better than free bingo tickets! You can often claim free tickets when you play bingo online, and a lot of bingo halls will also offer these promotions to loyal players too.

Free tickets might be part of a welcome package when you sign up and start playing bingo for the first time, or they could be in the form of cash back for money you spend on the site. No matter how the promotion works, you can use these free tickets to win real cash while playing.

This makes them very popular among all kinds of bingo players, and you and your friends will be rushing to sign up and play!

#2 You finally win a bingo jackpot

win jackpot bingo

If you manage to ever win a bingo jackpot, you’ll feel on top of the world. Jackpots are all about luck, as there’s nothing you can do to improve your chances other than buying more tickets.

There are lots of great bingo jackpots available, including progressive jackpots, must drop jackpots and community jackpots. Depending on where you’re playing and the type of jackpot, these could range from a few hundred to thousands of pounds!

#3 You try and play American bingo

play American bingo for the first time

Bingo rules are pretty simple, but some players get confused about the differences between regular bingo and American bingo, also known as 75 ball bingo. The main difference between these two games is that American bingo uses fewer balls than the classic 90 ball format.

The tickets are also different, and some 75 ball games include pattern wins. You can read more about the differences on our 75 ball bingo page.

#4 So close to shout bingo

close to get a bingo on a ticket

Few things can beat the excitement of getting the full house in bingo, and that’s what can make it so frustrating when you have a ticket that’s just one number away.

You could be waiting for that last number for a long time, and there’s still no guarantee that you’ll win because other players might also only have one number left. Luckily, some games also offer prizes to players who have one number remaining.

#5 Bingo is not just for your grand parents

bingo cards with a cat on the table

Bingo has been associated with old people for a long time as the game was commonly played in old people’s homes. Bingo is for everyone to enjoy, though, and the recent rise of online bingo sites have led to more people than ever getting involved and playing.

Today, anyone over the age of 18 can play provided they have a phone or computer and access to the internet. There are no more younger people enjoying bingo than ever!

#6 When you have new daubers

daubers dot all over the cards

Playing with a new dauber makes bingo even more fun, especially when it’s your favourite colour!

Bingo daubers can come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes so you can really customise your bingo experience. Most players have a favourite dauber and if you don’t, that’s because you haven’t found it yet!

#7 When people are chatting during a game

people chatting around bingo players

Bingo doesn’t have to be played in complete silence but people should always stay quiet when the caller is calling out numbers. It becomes very difficult to hear what numbers are called if everyone around you is talking, which is why it’s important to be considerate of other players.

#8 Playing bingo outside

bingo players playing outside on his mobile

These days, you can play bingo anywhere you go thanks to mobile technology. At PlayOJO, all of our bingo rooms can be played on your phone or tablet, letting you take all of the fun with you while you’re out and about. Mobile bingo is easy to play and loads of fun!

#9 It’s bingo o’clock!

bingo o'clock

With online bingo, you can play at just about any time you like. Most bingo rooms have a set time to play but at PlayOJO bingo we have 24-hour bingo rooms too. That means that no matter what time it is, you can log in and join in the fun of online bingo!

#10 Bingo party

bingo party with friends

Bingo is best enjoyed with friends because you can share the excitement of each other’s wins. Here at PlayOJO, we make it easier to play with your friends by offering chatrooms and we’ve also got some great guides on how to host your own bingo parties.


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