Bingo chat rooms

Read the rules & meet the hosts

Real life bingo is all about the social and online bingo is just the same! All of our online bingo rooms have a chat feature so you can communicate with hosts and fellow roomies. Our chat rooms are the heart of PlayOJO Bingo, the place where prizes are celebrated and lasting friendships are made. Get typing and see what we mean!

Chat rooms

Attached to every bingo game is a nice big chat box where hosts and roomies message each other in real time. From hi’s & bye’s to classic bingo lingo and chat games, the PlayOJO Bingo chat rooms are where it all hangs out!

Chat hosts

Our chat hosts are the life & soul at OJO’s World of Bingo. They’re the ones who open the door when you arrive at the party, take you down at Twister and pop you in the cab at the end.

OJO’s crew of bingo sidekicks are real, actual human people who make his bingo rooms fun and fabulous 24/7! From helping you out with a question to running chat games and giving you a virtual high-5 when you win, our chat hosts put the mojo in OJO Bingo (OK, there’s no ‘M’ but there should be).

Our hosts love bingo as much as you do and what they don’t know about bingo isn’t worth knowing. Their main job is to make bingo more than just a numbers game. But they also:

  • Answer game-related questions
  • Set the tone for the chat room
  • Ensure OJO’s bingo chat rules are followed
  • Run chat games in an efficient, fair and fun way

But who are they and crucially, how many cats do they have? Let’s meet the hosts!

Favourite bingo room: Drop Pots

Lucky numbers: 3, 7, 8

Favourite music: Reggae

Favourite TV shows: MasterChef, Bake Off

Favourite movies: Matrix, Kill Bill

Food heaven: Chocolate cake

Food hell: Coriander

Pets: A dog called Milo

3 Things you’d take on a desert island: Phone, solar powered charger, matches

One wish: Go on a world tour

Favourite bingo room: Amigo

Lucky numbers: 7 & 26

Favourite music: Linkin Park

Favourite TV shows: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Stargate

Favourite movies: Constantine, Harry Potter, Sherlock

Food heaven: Meat, takeout especially as I cannot cook

Food hell: Stuff without any meat

Pets: None

3 Things you’d take on a desert island: My girlfriend, fully stocked plane and pilot

One wish: Pets to never be abandoned

Favourite bingo room: Equaliser

Lucky numbers: 17 & 9

Favourite music: 80's music, Whitesnake, Oasis

Favourite TV shows: Bearing sea Gold, The office, Suits

Favourite movies: Gladiator, Titanic, The Full Monty

Food heaven: Battenburg cake, fig rolls

Food hell: Olives, any Seafood

Pets: One cat called Billy, an Amstaff called Bella

3 Things you’d take on a desert island: My wife, my Dog, my cat, a big toolbox

One wish: Buy a yacht, call it 'the moon', then live on 'the moon'

Choice of superpower: Flying

Favourite bingo room: Amigo

Lucky number: 23 & 28

Favourite music: Disturbed

Favourite TV shows: Game of Thrones (except the last season) and True Detective

Favourite movie: Constantine, Matrix and I'm Legend.

Food heaven: Pizza, Kebabs (probably every junk food on the planet)

Food hell: Broccoli

Pets: Nope

3 Things you’d take on a desert island: Sunscreen, food and my phone

One wish: World peace

Favourite bingo room: Equaliser

Lucky number: 22, 16, 19, 11

Favourite music: HipHop, RnB, Country Music

Favourite TV shows: Friends, Criminal Minds, Forensic Files and Judge Judy

Favourite movie: The Equalizer, Bourne and 300

Food heaven: Mom's cooking <3

Food hell: Mushroom

Pets: Kai the Boxer and Henna the Amstaff

3 Things you’d take on a desert island: Water, Food and Bed =)

One wish: Ability to talk with animals

My kryptonite: Hershey's Chocolate

Favourite bingo room: Masked Singer, because I'm in a band

Lucky numbers: 3

Favourite music: Organic House/Downtempo - Jazz

Favourite TV shows: The Office (US)

Favourite movies: Lotr

Food heaven: Burger

Food hell: Lamb meals that smell too strong hahaha

Pets: A cat

3 Things you’d take on a desert island: Swiss army knife, binoculars, my guitar

One wish: Be happy

Favourite bingo room: Equaliser

Lucky numbers: 9, 26, 11

Favourite music: Power Metal

Favourite TV shows: Luther

Favourite movies: Nightmare before Christmas

Food heaven: Chocolate

Food hell: Chocolate

Pets: I've got a fat cat named Maw

3 Things you’d take on a desert island: first volume of Dune, an axe, a change of clothes

One wish: I wish for more wishes

Favourite bingo room: Amigo

Lucky numbers: 1 & 13

Favourite music: 90's, R&B, Pop

Favourite TV shows: Friends, Grey's Anatomy, The Blacklist

Favourite movies: Me before You, Independence Day

Food heaven: Pasta

Food hell: Black Pudding

Pets: A few cats & dogs

3 Things you’d take on a desert island: Water, Food, my M&M's

One wish: For everyone to be healthy and happy!

Choice of superpower: Win the Lottery!

Favourite bingo room: Equaliser

Lucky numbers: 13 and 21

Favourite music: Rock, Punk, Reggae and lots more

Favourite TV shows: Mindhunter and Dark

Favourite movies: A Beautiful Mind, Lost in Translation

Food heaven: Banana bread, salads, anything spicy.

Food hell: Rosemary

Pets: None yet

3 Things you’d take on a desert island: E-book (Solar Powered), water filter, a lighter

One wish: That reincarnation is real!

Favourite bingo room: Masked Singer UK

Lucky numbers: 4 and 8

Favourite music: A little bit of everything! Depending on my mood

Favourite TV shows: Greys Anatomy and Friends

Favourite movies: Harry Potter and Fast and Furious

Food heaven: Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake with Cream

Food hell: Mushrooooms

Pets: My Beautiful American Staffie JOJO

3 Things you’d take on a desert island: Wine, Sun cream and Chocolate

One wish: Good Health and Happiness for my Family and Friends

Choice of superpower: Flying!!

Chat games

Bingo is exciting enough without more ways to win, but hell – that doesn’t stop OJO! Around half of our bingo games include a chat game run by your host. They’ll give you the rules – be the first to get a trivia question correct, for example – and give the winner a free bingo ticket. Learn more about the different games we play on our Chat Games page.

Chat rules

OJO’s chat rooms have the friendliest roomies on planet bingo. They wouldn’t say boo to a goose! But we’ve still got a few do’s and don’ts, just in case. If our hosts think you’ve broken any of these rules, they’ll probably give you a friendly warning. Next time, you might lose your chat room privileges.

  1. Be nice. Bingo is more fun when players are polite, considerate and friendly. We don’t do discrimination, personal attacks or any kind of aggression. Respect our hosts too, they’re doing their job as fairly as possible.
  2. Keep it clean. Yes, we’re all adults, but profanity isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. No swearing or bad language please.
  3. No SHOUTING! Don’t use capital letters except in the right way. It hurts our eyes and it’s considered rude to do it online. Hosts are the exception and may sometimes use caps to make important messages stand out.
  4. Don’t argue or offend. We’re all friends here, right? No need to upset anyone with abuse, harassment or threatening chat towards other roomies or hosts.
  5. Steer clear of sticky subjects. We’re here to hang out, have fun and play bingo. No religion, sex or Brexit. That’s what Twitter’s for.
  6. Be patient. Hosts and other roomies might be busy answering someone else, typing or making a cuppa. Give them time to respond and they will (unless they’re shy).
  7. Protect your privacy. It’s not usually sensible to give your real name or any personal information like your email address. Be safe!
  8. Be yourself. You’re you. Don’t impersonate a host or another player, even for fun.
  9. No spam. Advertising is not allowed, nor is repeated posting of the same text. It spoils the chat room for everyone.
  10. Stay positive. Bingo is a pure game of chance powered by a certified random number generator. You win some, you lose some. We’re as fair and random as it gets, but sometimes it might not feel that way. Instead of typing ‘same winner’, be patient and your next win will come. Or log off, take a break and come back when you’re ready. We’re all about safer gambling.