• WHAT? Extra prize money added to certain games
  • WHEN? 24/7 in most bingo rooms
  • WHERE? • Drop Pots Room
    • Amigo Room
    • Hero Room
    • Super Hero Room
    • Turbo Room
    • Rodeo Room
    • Disco Room
  • HOW? Win the top prize within a specific number of balls

Bingo jackpots

Your chance to win big prizes

It’s your chance to hit the jackpot with OJO! There are loads of jackpots waiting to be won every single day in our bingo rooms. There’s something for everyone, from progressive jackpots that get bigger and bigger, to community jackpots that share the love.

So, if you fancy playing for more than just a Full House prize, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at where you can find jackpots here at PlayOJO. Bingo, go, go!


Progressive Jackpot: These prizes do exactly what they say on the tin – they progressively get bigger! With every ticket purchased, the prize money increases, and it’ll keep getting bigger until somebody wins. So, the more players there are, the more money the winner takes home.

Fixed Jackpot: Unlike a progressive jackpot, the prize money on offer for a fixed jackpot doesn’t change, no matter how many players join the game. Whatever money is advertised as the jackpot when you buy your ticket, that’s how much you’ll pocket if you’re the lucky winner.

Community Jackpot: As the home of fair bingo, we love a Community Jackpot – the fairest jackpot of them all! They come in the form of a prize pot that is split equally between all ticket holders at the end of the game, meaning everybody wins something, even those that miss out on the Full House and Line prizes.


Drop Pots

If you’re a fan of jackpots, the Drop Pots Room is the place to be! There are not one, not two but three jackpots waiting to be won, as well as £7,000 in guaranteed daily prizes. The Mini Pot and the Midi Pot could drop several times a day, while the Maxi Pot, which starts at £700, is guaranteed to be won every single day.

Amigo Room

You've got a friend in us, Amigos! This progressive jackpot starts at £2,000 and can also be won in any of our Hero or Super Hero games. All you need to do is call bingo in 36 calls or less and it’s all yours! Once the jackpot is won, it resets and starts all over again.

Turbo Room

Have you got a need for speed? Say hello to quickfire bingo in the Turbo Room, with just 30 balls per game. Less balls means less time to land the jackpot, with just 9 calls needed to pocket the prize money. The speedy jackpot starts at £100 and increases with every ticket bought.

Rodeo Room

Yee-haw! Saddle up OJO gang because there’s a progressive jackpot waiting to be won in every 75-ball game in the Rodeo Room. With a variety of patterns to play for, the number of calls to win differs in each game, ranging from 11 calls up to 45 calls.

Disco Room

Put on your dancing shoes peeps – it's disco time! There's another progressive jackpot up for grabs in our Disco Room, which is won in 38 ball calls. But don’t be put off by the high call count as there are only 16 numbers on each ticket.


So, there are plenty of ways to win a jackpot here at PlayOJO – fancy playing for one yourself? Check out our handy How Jackpots Work guide for a bit more information, or head straight to your favourite bingo room to see if you could be a winner. Good luck!