The nation’s favourite reality show is back, and it’s better than ever when enjoyed with some bingo!

The raunchy dating show is a massive hit in the UK and all over the world, with similar shows now airing in the US and other countries too.

Callum Jones, one of the show’s most talked-about islanders in recent seasons, recently gave PlayOJO an exclusive interview to give more insight into Love Island and what it’s like to be a contestant on the UK’s most popular reality show.

You can join in the fun of Love Island this summer with your very own Love Island bingo sessions. Combine with a BBQ and paddling pool for a proper summer party! Print out our bingo tickets, invite all your friends and let the good times roll!

Here at PlayOJO bingo, we’ve got everything you need to have a fab time with your friends while watching Love Island.

What is Love Island?

The show begins when a group of single “Islanders” gather in a beautiful villa on a paradise island for a summer of dating, romance, and, eventually, partnerships.

Islanders pair up every few days, and those who don’t are at risk of being sent home. Islanders are on the search for love, but the path to love isn’t always easy.

The show starts hotting up as new islanders arrive, leading to unpredictable twists as friendships and relationships blossom. Islanders must not only choose their partners wisely, but also win the hearts of viewers who have the power to alter events on screen.

Viewers will finally name one lucky pair the winner, who will walk away with both love and the cash prize.

How to Play Love Island Bingo

Love Island is the perfect summer reality show and makes a welcome return to our screens this year. If you’re a big fan of the show and you also love bingo, then you’ll no doubt be interested in hearing how to play Love Island bingo.

This version of the game is best played with friends while watching a live episode of the show. Alternatively, you can also record an episode and watch it all together. Ideally, you’ll watch it outside on a warm summer’s day but if you can’t get the TV outside or the weather isn’t on your side, you can always play indoors instead and have just as much fun.

To play, you’ll need to print out our custom Love Island bingo cards which we’ve included on this page. Print as many as you need, changing the number of copies depending on how many games you aim to play.

2 printable bingo cardsLink to download and print the tickets
2 other printable bingo ticketsLink to download and print the tickets
4 bingo tickets on one copyLink to download and print the tickets
1 bingo ticket to printLink to download and print the tickets
1 bingo ticket to print at homeLink to download and print the tickets
1 bingo ticket to play with more friendsLink to download and print the tickets
1 bingo ticket for more funLink to download and print the tickets

Each person will need at least one card per game, and you can always print more out later if you need to. Next, you’ll also have to invite your friends around. Plan a day when you can all come over, either when the next episode is waiting or when the weather is good so you can enjoy the fun outside.

Once you’ve got your tickets and your friends, you can get ready for the episode to begin or press play when everyone is ready. Unlike regular 90 ball or 75 ball bingo, there are no numbered balls to call out here.

Instead, you’ll watch the episode and wait for specific instances or catchphrases to appear. If you have a matching event on your ticket, you can daub it off just as you would when playing regular bingo.

There’s no need to have a caller, but one person may need to be in charge as host to ensure that no one is cheating or bending the rules.

At the end of the game, the person who wins will take over as the next host so everyone has a chance to enjoy the fun. You can add your own Love Island bingo features such as forfeits and special rules to make things even more exciting.

printable bingo cards love island ultimate sentences

What Are the Rules of Love Island Bingo

The Love Island bingo rules are simple enough. Players simply have to daub off the matching phrase or event on their card when they see it happening in the show. Completing a diagonal, horizontal or vertical line will earn a prize, as will two lines or a full house.

You can choose to award whatever kind of prizes you want, including options like chocolates, drinks and even gift cards depending on how much you want to spend.

Whenever someone gets a winning ticket, they should shout “I’ve got lucky” for the whole room to hear. The winner then takes their prize and becomes the bingo caller for the next round. If you want to add some more fun, you can also include some forfeits for the losers, such as having ice cold water poured on them or making them dance to a song of your choosing.

If you want a more in-depth look at how to master bingo strategy and to learn how to play bingo, we also have extensive guides here at PlayOJO.

people having fun at while playing bingo

Love Island Bingo Games

At the moment, there’s no option to play Love Island bingo online, but we have loads of other fantastic bingo games for you to enjoy here at PlayOJO bingo. If you love reality TV shows like Love Island, you might just love our Masked Singer bingo!

You can play bingo online at PlayOJO, all you need to do is sign up and make a deposit to buy your tickets and start playing. Don’t forget to claim your Love Island bingo welcome bonus.

Love Island Famous Phrases

Love Island is just as famous for its slang and catchphrases as it is for its contestants. Check out some of the most famous Love Island phrases and what they meant below:

Shoot your shot – Shooting your shot means putting your pride aside and going after someone you like. In the Love Island villa, it’s pretty much essential to shoot your shot from time to time.

Head Turned – Having your head turned means that someone new has caught your eye, even if you already have a partner. It’s sometimes referred to as going “180” because of the angle at which the person’s head has turned.

Connection – The whole aim of the show is for contestants to find someone that they really get on well with. This means looking for someone that you share a connection with and it definitely gets brought up a lot throughout the series.

Head’s gone – If you’re struggling to think or get your thoughts in order you might say that your head has gone. In other words, you’re exceptionally drunk on alcohol or love.

It is what it is – Although we’ve heard this a little less in Love Island 2020, it’s still an important phrase that we hope to see more of in the future. It’s basically used by contestants to cope with a situation that they have no control over.

It’s love island, not friend island – Often stated by the show’s host, this is used to remind us and the contestants that winning the game is more important than friendships at the end of the day.

You’ve mugged me off – To be mugged off is to be treated badly or dumped. This is often exclaimed by one islander to another when complaining about mistreatment, especially in the context of friendship or relationships.

Keeping my options open – if you’re keeping your options open, it means you’re weighing up the potential benefits and costs before making a decision. It can also mean not committing to a final decision, which is often when islanders talk about not wanting to fully end a relationship just yet.

I’ve put all my eggs in one basket – To put all your eggs in one basket or to go all in is where you choose one person above all others. This can often backfire for the islanders, especially if the person they’ve chosen isn’t committed to them.

Can I have a chat – A little more of an obvious one, can I have a chat is inviting another person to talk. However, on Love Island, this usually means some drama is about the erupt.

Now, it’s you turn to party with Love Island Bingo

Love Island games are loads of fun to play with your friends, and while there’s no online bingo Love Island, you can still have loads of fun playing our Love Island bingo in person.

Make sure you print out our bingo cards and follow the rules to have loads of fun with your friends this summer!


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