What are printable bingo cards? Put simply, they’re cards that you can print out and use to play bingo at home. If you enjoy playing bingo, whether online or in-person, you’ll no doubt enjoy a bingo night with all your friends. Printing out bingo cards is surprisingly simple, and there’s nothing too complicated that you’ll need to do to have a fun-filled night of bingo. 

Types of Bingo Cards 

There are lots of different types of bingo out there, and some of the versions of the game use different cards, so before you start playing, you’ll want to decide on which type of bingo you’re playing. Traditional cards use a standard 3×9 layout, while you can also play with 5×5 cards if you’re playing 75 ball bingo. 

Aside from traditional bingo, you might also want to play with themed bingo cards, using characters from your favourite films or TV shows. Many online bingo games make use of themes such as the Masked Singer and other popular TV shows. If you’re creating printable bingo cards, you can get creative and add any kind of theme you like.  

1-90 Number Bingo Cards (classic) 

90 ball bingo is the most popular game to play in the UK, and printing and making your own 90 ball bingo tickets is easy. This version of the game uses cards with a 3×9 layout and 90 balls. Players win by forming horizontal lines or a full house, and each ticket contains fifteen numbers.  

You can print as many cards as you need, and it’s also possible to print out multiple cards on one page. You can personalise your cards or choose from one of our popular bingo card themes to create a fun and unique bingo experience for you and your friends.  

90 ball bingo ticket
2 printable bingo tickets

90 ball bingo card
Two 90 ball bingo cards
Four 90 ball bingo cards

1-75 Number Bingo Cards (classic)

If you prefer to play bingo the American way, then these 75 ball bingo cards are for you. Unlike the 90 ball cards, you can use these to play with bingo patterns which open up new possibilities and ways to enjoy the classic game of bingo. We offer lots of fun ways to create your own bingo cards, and our 75 ball cards are very popular with all kinds of bingo players.  

one 75 ball bingo to print at home
75 printable bingo tickets

75 ball bingo card
Two 75 ball bingo cards
Four 75 ball bingo cards

Special bingo cards

1-75 Number “Tingo” Cards (Tennis Bingo) 

Put some extra gameplay into the tennis this year, with a game of “Tingo”! Just print out a pair of our tennis-themed bingo cards, grab a Tingo partner and see who will score the first line. Strawberries and cream are on the winner!

bingo tingo ticket

1-75 Number Valentine’s Bingo Cards

Bring some heart-shaped gushiness into your Bingo playtime. Cue the candles and chocolate, and get that bath a runnin’, coz it’s time for a lil’ printable valentines day bingo. Love y’as.

Print 75 ball Valentine’s Bingo Card

Hen Party Bingo Cards

Are you a beautiful bride-to-be? Or have you got a Hen Party coming up? Well, nothing livens up a party like a game of bingo! Let your hair down and take on these challenges from our printable Hen Party bingo cards.

Print your Hen Party Bingo Cards.

Movie Bingo Cards:

Are you a Harry Potter fanatic? Or maybe you’re more into the Lord of the Rings. Either way, you can enjoy a night at the movies from the comfort of your own home with OJO’s printable movie bingo card!

Print your Movie Bingo Card

How to Create Your Bingo Cards 

If you’d like to enjoy your very own bingo experience from the comfort of your home, we’d normally suggest you play online bingo. However, there is a way to play bingo from home with all your friends. All you need is some friends and your very own bingo cards, which you can find on this page.  

To create your own bingo cards, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Choose one of our bingo card types on this page. 
  2. Click the print option to open up the printing settings and select your printer. 
  3. Select all to print out a full set of cards or enter a number to select the number of pages you want. 
  4. Make sure you have enough paper and ink in your printer before hitting print to finalise the process. 

Once you have your cards complete, hand them out to your friends along with some bingo daubers and get playing! Use a bingo number generator online and our bingo call list to call out the numbers as they appear and have as much fun as possible.

Can I play online bingo? 

Yes, here at PlayOJO, you can enjoy loads of fantastic bingo rooms online. Signing up is simple, and you can start enjoying bingo online, where there’s a chance to win real prizes.  

Is online bingo safe? 

Absolutely, provided you ensure that the site you’re playing at is licenced and legal in your country. In the UK, online bingo sites must have a licence from the UK Gambling Commission, and this ensures that games are fair and that player funds are protected.   


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