Hen parties are some of the most exciting and loudest parties you will ever experience. It’s a celebration of the bride and the new chapter in her life that is coming up, giving her one last hurrah before her wedding.

The whole evening should be full of laughter and fun, giving everyone a night to remember. While traditional hen parties are a lot of fun, one way you can spice them up is by doing some special challenges as well as Hen Party Bingo.

Here at PlayOJO, we love all forms of bingo and, as long as you stay safe, playing Hen Party Bingo can be a terrific way to ensure that this night is unforgettable. We’ll introduce you to the rules of Hen Party Bingo and explain how you can have fun with your friends. We’ll also provide you with PlayOJO’s printable hen bingo cards and offer some funny hen party challenges too.

What is Hen Party Bingo?

At a hen party, different groups have diverse ways of having fun and entertaining the bride. Most of the games played at hen nights are a lot of fun, but if you really want to take the excitement to the next level, we recommend Hen Party Bingo.

The characteristics of Hen Party Bingo are similar to those of regular bingo in that you have a bingo card, and your goal is to complete a line. However, the main difference between this type of bingo and regular bingo is that there are no numbers or numbered balls. Instead, players must complete certain challenges in order to win.

At the beginning of the evening, each player is given a bingo card to use. These cards are remarkably similar to regular bingo cards in that they contain a grid with spaces. However, rather than being filled with numbers, each space will contain a special challenge or dare.

To make things more interesting, you can also make a version of the bingo card with numbers on the back. You can then call out random numbers, and any player with a matching number on their ticket must complete the corresponding challenge.

Bingo Challenges

There are loads of great challenges you can do for a Hen Party Bingo game, with some slightly more risqué than others. We’ve compiled a list of our favourites, but feel free to make up your own or avoid the ones that don’t work for you. Keep in mind that some challenges may work for some people and not for others. That’s why we’ve left one of our Hen Party Bingo cards blank so you can print it out and add the challenges you like best.

Here are our favourite Hen Party Bingo fun challenges for you to use:

• Take a selfie with a stranger
• Talk to a police officer and try on his hat
• Get a random guy’s number
• Give a guy a makeover
• Photobomb a stranger
• Try on a stranger’s shoes
• Get asked for ID
• Dance with a couple
• Order drinks in a French accent
• Get a stranger to buy the bride to be a drink
• Selfie with a policeman’s hat on
• Get a photo of a terrible tattoo
• Get a guy’s number
• Get a conga line going with at least three strangers
• Do the Macarena in an inappropriate place
• Hug a doorman
• Get someone to serenade the bride to be
• Serenade a stranger
• Get pictures with a stag party
• Get a free drink off the bar staff
• Take a selfie with a stranger’s glasses on
• Flirt with a barman
• Get a stranger’s socks
• Challenge a stranger to a dance off
• Get a piggyback from a stranger
• Do a shot with a stranger
• Tell an embarrassing story about the bride
• Text the groom from the bride’s phone
• Do karaoke
• Finish the night with a takeaway

Printable hen party bingo to play with friends

Below you’ll find a link to your printable hen party bingo tickets. To print out your tickets and have your very own hen party, all you need to do is follow the link to open the tickets in a new tab in your browser. From here, you should be able to find the printer icon on the toolbar. Alternatively, go to file and then print to send it to your printer. Once printed out, you can cut out the tickets and make sure everyone gets one.

You can print out your 75-ball printable hen bingo card right here.

The rules to play hen party bingo

Before the party starts, make sure everyone has a bingo card and that the rules are clear. There are many ways to play and win, but here is our version of Hen Party Bingo, which is played according to these rules.

The rules are important to discourage cheating, and you also need to make sure that anyone caught cheating will pay the price, by buying a round of drinks for everyone.
The rules are straightforward, and anyone who’s played bingo before shouldn’t have any trouble understanding them. The basic rules of Hen Party Bingo are as follows:

  1. The game will last one hour, with the possibility of doing other games afterwards if everyone agrees.
  2. The first player to complete a vertical or horizontal line on their bingo card is the winner. Diagonal lines are not counted.
  3. The Hen Party Bingo jackpots and prizes are up to you, but can include a cocktail of their choice, cash or whatever you want.
  4. Challenges must be witnessed by other members of the group to be counted.
  5. Anyone attempting to cheat will have to forfeit, buying drinks for others or taking a hit.
  6. There are no balls to call. Players simply complete whatever challenges they wish. You can also add numbers to the back of each card and call out random numbers during the night. People whose numbers match must then complete the corresponding challenge.
  7. To make things less chaotic, players can take turns attempting their challenges, or everyone can do them in any order they like. It’s up to you.

Prizes for hen party bingo

When you play your own version of bingo, the prizes can be whatever you want them to be. Here are a few fun ideas for you:

1st Place – A cocktail, shooters or a dish of your choice paid for by the rest of the group. Whether you prefer long island iced teas, margaritas or pina coladas, or you are starving after running all over the UK, this is sure to be a fun prize that everyone will want to get their hands on.

2nd Place – Choose the forfeit for the losing player. No limit for this one to make the night spicier and crazier! You get to choose the fate of whoever comes in last place!

3rd Place – A bag of tea to get ready after the party. What self-respecting hen party would be complete without some nuts? Grab a bag from the bar as a runner up prize.

Last Place – Of course rewarding the winners is fun but so is dishing out some forfeits to the loser. The person who comes in last with the fewest matches on their ticket must complete the forfeit before the end of the night.

Alternatives ways to play

In addition to playing Hen Party Bingo at a party, you can also enjoy a night out at a bingo hall as part of the celebrations. You can choose from a variety of different bingo games, including classic 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo and even jackpot bingo.

Although bingo halls are less common these days, there are still many in most major cities, and they are a great place to join a Hen Party Bingo room. When you play in a Bingo room, you choose your game, buy your tickets and sit back while the game is in progress.

It’s important to note that you’ll need to be respectful of the other players, as not everyone is in the mood to celebrate loudly and party. If your hen party is likely to get too rowdy, it may be time to move the party elsewhere.

Don’t forget that you can also have a virtual bachelorette party with all your friends in an online bingo hall. At PlayOJO bingo, we have a number of online bingo games that will help you have a great time with your friends. You can join the room of your choice and chat with your friends and other players using the live chat while you play.

While online bingo may not be everyone’s idea of a hen party, it is a great solution for people who live far apart and for those who really love bingo. Don’t forget to claim your Hen Party Bingo welcome bonus before you play. However, you choose to celebrate your next hen party, we hope you have fun and enjoy many exciting bingo games.


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