75 Ball Bingo

There’s a reason so many OJOers are learning how to play 75 ball bingo, and that’s the incredible draw of pattern bingo!

We offer two types of 75 ball online bingo at PlayOJO Bingo, pattern and 5-line. In this guide, we’re going to focus on how to play 75 ball pattern bingo. From the unique bingo tickets you buy to the bingo rules and how to win, you’ll pick up all you need to become a 75 ball bingo wizard.

If it’s 75 ball line bingo you’re after, no problemo! OJO shows you how to play 75 ball 5-line bingo in our Rainbow room in this handy beginner’s guide.

The History of 75 Ball Bingo

Bingo was invented in Italy during the 16th century and as late as the 1900s, only the 90 ball version of the game existed. As the game made its way across the Atlantic in the 1920s, it morphed into 75 ball bingo and became hugely popular in carnivals.

A century later, 75 ball bingo is alive and kicking with more Americans learning how to play bingo every year, and the 75 ball version is still the most widely played. Unlike in the UK where bingo is mostly played in bingo halls or online, US 75 ball bingo games are mostly organised by churches, charities and social clubs.

75 Ball Pattern Bingo Rooms

You don’t need to know how to play 75 ball online bingo in order to win at bingo but it helps! Bingo online offers lots of different ways to play, but 75 ball bingo is a game type that’s quickly growing in popularity.

PlayOJO’s dedicated 75 ball bingo room, the Rodeo room, is open 24/7 and hosts over 280 games of 75 ball bingo. You can play 75 ball pattern bingo in the Rodeo room for just 5p a ticket. Ticket prices remain the same, no matter what time you’re playing and the Rodeo room also includes special 75 ball bingo jackpots.

How To Play 75 Ball Bingo

If you know how to play 90 ball bingo, then you’ve got a head start when it comes to learning how to play 75 ball pattern bingo. It’s still very much the same, simple numbers game that anyone can learn in seconds, but there are some interesting differences worth pointing out when we answer the question of how does 75 ball bingo work. Read our other guides and learn how to play bingo at PlayOJO


In 75 ball pattern bingo, we use a 5 by 5 grid which contains 24 numbers and a centre star. The 75 possible numbers are grouped into 5 sets of 15, numbers, one set for each column.

  • Column 1: 1 to 15
  • Column 2: 16 to 30
  • Column 3: 31 to 45
  • Column 4: 46 to 60
  • Column 5: 61 to 75

When generating our 75 ball bingo tickets, our bingo software randomly picks 5 numbers for each column from the 15 available, and shuffles them so they’re in a random order. This guarantees you get a nice even spread of numbers, but it also make it easier to follow your progress and mark your card.

The letters B-I-N-G-O above the columns are announced along with the number, so you can quickly check a column to see if you’ve got that number. Although OJO automatically marks your 75 ball bingo tickets, it makes life easier if you prefer to manually daub off your numbers.


In 75 ball pattern bingo, all players are given the same pattern to complete. The pattern is created by highlighting certain squares on the card, and the game’s name usually relates to the type of pattern used.

With 25 squares to use, there is an almost infinite number of possible patterns, though some patterns like 4 Stamps are so popular that they come up more often than the rest.

Patterns are often made using letters, objects or shapes. Blackout is a popular pattern that involves every number on your card, similar to a Full House in 90 ball bingo. In the US, some 75 ball bingo games even use a single number (not much of a pattern – what’s it called? Dot? Blob? Speck?) or require you to match no numbers at all!

The number of squares that make up a pattern can vary from game to game. Sometimes you will only need to complete a few numbers, whereas in other games the pattern will cover 20 or more squares. The number of squares in a pattern affects how long the game lasts. A Black Out game where the winner will have marked all 24 numbers could take a minute or two, whereas a Brackets game with just 6 numbers to match could be over in seconds!

75 Ball Pattern Bingo Rules

When it comes to learning how to play 75 ball bingo, there are only a few things you need to do yourself. Choosing a room is easy – the Rodeo room is our 75 ball pattern bingo hangout – and then choose a game to play.

Finding a game

You can always simply play the next game which will only ever be a minute or two away. If you want to buy 75 ball cards for upcoming pattern bingo games, simply hit the PREBUY button at the top of the bingo room to see what games are coming up.

When you’re choosing a game, there are a few things to bear in mind: Ticket price, how many players have already bought tickets, the guaranteed prize pot and any jackpots.

Buying tickets

When you’re ready to play, it’s time to buy! You can buy just 1 ticket to play 75 ball pattern bingo games in our Rodeo room, though you can also buy up to 100 tickets.

You can by 75 ball bingo tickets by manually selecting them or you can buy them in bulk and let the software choose a random selection for you.

To buy tickets manually, simply click on the ticket you like the look of – you can scroll through the various tickets available to you and see if any feature your lucky number! – and press BUY. Unless you’ve hit the maximum for that game, you can always buy more up until the point the game begins.

Most OJO 75 ball bingo players like to buy multiple tickets and OJO makes it super easy to buy them in bulk. Move the slider to select the amount you want, or click the preset options (3, 6, 9, 12 or Max, for example).

Playing the game

You’ll normally have around 1-2 minutes to buy your tickets before the game begins. Once the timer runs out and the game starts, our bingo caller make the bingo calls and they’ll be instantly marked off your tickets.

The game automatically daubs your tickets, but you can switch to manual daubing in the Settings menu. This means you get to watch your tickets and daub the numbers just as you would in a bingo hall, but if you miss one, don’t worry. We will mark them for you anyway, so you won’t miss out on a prize.

To make it even easier to know how you’re doing, especially if you’ve bought multiple tickets, our software will reorder your tickets so the ones with the fewest numbers left – and the best chance of winning – appear first in your tickets list.

Prizes & How To Win

One of the most exciting aspects we discovered when we learned how to play 75 ball bingo was the winner-take-all format. There is only 1 cash prize up for grabs, so it makes the game even more dramatic!

The first player to complete the pattern on any of their tickets, by matching numbers that correspond to the highlighted squares, will win the 75 ball bingo prize. Easy! But with everyone vying for the same prize, games often go down to the wire with several players having 1TG tickets.


Many of the PlayOJO 75 ball bingo games in our Rodeo room feature a fixed or progressive jackpot. There are 10 Black Out progressive jackpot games throughout the day, where a jackpot of at least £750 can be won. In those games, a small percentage of the price of each ticket contributes to the ever-increasing progressive jackpot.

OJO also has four fixed jackpot games including 3 types of Cashblitz fixed jackpot and the Burger-Bonanza fixed jackpot.

In all of our 75 ball pattern bingo jackpot games, you’ll need to be first to complete the pattern within the ball count specified. For example, our £30 Cashblitz jackpot game has a winning ball index of 56. Complete the pattern before the 57th ball is called to win.

Because of this extra bingo rule, jackpot prizes aren’t won every time, and that’s how our progressive jackpots get juicy! Winning ball indexes change from game to game, so it pays to check the game info before the game starts.

Tips & Strategy

Although 75 ball bingo is a game of random numbers with no skill involved once the game begins, there are some nifty 75 ball bingo strategy tips that can help you win more often.

  • Play at quieter times: The less players there are in your online bingo game, the better your chances of winning a prize (though of course the prize will be smaller).
  • Budget well: As OJO recommends with real money gaming in general, know how much you’re happy to spend on your entertainment and stick to it. The more games you play for your money, the more prizes you’ll be playing for.
  • Mo’ cards, mo’ prizes: Playing games with a cheaper ticket price means you can buy more tickets, and increase your chances to win.

How to Play 75 Ball Bingo at PlayOJO

Everyone who arrives at OJO’s door is just a few moments away from their first 75 ball bingo game. You need very little to get involved with 75 ball bingo games at PlayOJO Bingo. Here’s the checklist.

  1. Register to create your PlayOJO account. Just give us a few essential details and we’ll promise to keep them super safe.
  2. Deposit £10 or more using one of our many safe, secure and instant bingo deposit methods.
  3. Claim your bonus! OJO gives you a welcome bonus with your first deposit which includes 50 free tickets for our Amigo room, worth up to 25p per ticket. You’ll also receive ten free spins on the popular slot Starburst which have no wagering requirements.
  4. Learn how to play 75 ball bingo. Seeing as you’ve almost finished this page, we can mark that as done!

Why You Should Play 75 Ball Bingo at PlayOJO

Still need a list?! OK chief. Let’s run down in reverse order just for kicks…

#4: Variety - some patters are harder to complete so there’s always an element of unpredictability when you play.

#3: Value for money – longer games and just 1 prize means more bang for your buck!

#2 Excitement – with everyone racing to complete the same pattern in a winner-take-all contest, you can’t get more pressure than that!

#1: Fairness – from bingo bonuses with no wagering requirements to fair cashout terms, OJO is the fairest choice once you know how to play 75 ball bingo!