PlayOJO has never been easier to play on-the-go, which certainly bodes well with our busy mobile lifestyles. You can literally take your old friend OJO with you everywhere you go, wherever you and your internet connection end up together. If you don’t already have the PlayOJO Mobile App, first of all – what are you like?? Seriously, it’s the best way to get all the OJO goodness straight to your trusted mobile phone! But the best part is… wait for it… the already OJOmazing OJO App has had a mini facelift and now best thing since sliced bread is even better!


“So how can one improve on perfection?”, you might ask. Well first off, we’ve created some lovely little shortcuts, because let’s face it – who doesn’t like to get to places faster if they can? You’ll find that the “My Account” section now sits in a perfectly placed position under the Home tab to give you fast access to a range of useful actions, including Cash Management, Transaction History, Personal Settings, OJO Safeguard and Play History. It’s all there, at the finger-touch of a tab!


To make our OJOers lives even easier, we’ve brought all of your essential information into one nifty little section called “MY OJO”, which you can find by clicking on OJO’s smiley little face on the top of the screen.

In your very own personalised “MY OJO” section you’ll find 3 very useful tabs that you’ll wonder how you ever you lived without.

  1. Your OJO page with all the info you’ll need, including your current OJO level, your OJOplus balance and your account balance, where you’re also a mere click away from making a deposit.
  2. Pings! Here you’ll find a stream of all your OJO activity, with useful pointers and facts about your progress so far, including winning patterns and news on your level growth. Coz you know, OJOs always got your back!
  3. Rewards – This is where you can find and claim any rewards that might be waiting for you. You’ll see them right there and then, like Santa just paid a visit!

If you already have the OJO mobile app, you know how amazing it is but it’s about to get even better! Just update the PlayOJO App via your App Store or Play Store. If you’re a newbie, download the PlayOJO App via your App Store/Play Store or by clicking below.

And don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of our players had to say about the new PlayOJO App via our Facebook page:

“Love the new app – it’s easier to see your account and see what rewards you have as well. Well done”, Kelly Marie Wiltshire

“It looks much better, clear to use (always has been though), easy to see clearly and well presented!”, Chelsea Jean

“I LOVE THE FACE LIFT!! And I also made it to level 27 last night so got a cheeky spin on the OJO WHEEL AND WON 50 spins!! 😬😍 OJO YOU TRULY ARE THE BEST ONLINE CASINO TO EVER EXSIST!!”, Aimee Beazlee


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