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Roomies is PlayOJO’s online bingo community, a fair and friendly home for the next generation of online bingo players. Bingo is fundamentally a social game and although we’re all playing to win the same prizes, OJO’s bingo community is always mega-pumped to see one of their bingo amigos win!

Learn the most popular bingo phrases used every day in our bingo rooms and find out how to play our chat games which run 24/7. OJO’s bingo chat hosts are one of the reasons our bingo community is so welcoming. In the Roomies section, you’ll meet the hosts, find out why they love online bingo, and learn why they’re such an essential part of PlayOJO’s bingo games.

Roomies is all about celebrating our players, especially when they win! See what our biggest winners did with their winnings, read how our latest bingo promotions got their hands on some OJO cash and then get your own bingo name on our wall of fame!