Chat games

Meet fellow roomies and win prizes

OJO’s roomies hardly need any excuse for a good natter but with hundreds of free UK bingo chat games every day with free prizes up for grabs.

You can win free bingo tickets while you play in PlayOJO Bingo chat games starting every 10 minutes! Run by our friendly chat hosts, OJO’s chat games are a fun, social activity with real prizes up for grabs. They’re also a fab way to interact with our chat hosts and your fellow roomies - coz that’s what bingo’s all about!

What are chat games?

Chat games are games played in the chat room during bingo games. A game can be announced at any time, in any of our bingo rooms. Chat hosts run quizzes, word games and number games, and give away prizes to the players who are quickest on the draw, or whose chat game numbers are called out first. In most chat games there are 2 winners who each scoop a real-money ticket to the next bingo game.

How to enter

Your chat host will announce the specific chat game before the next bingo game begins. To be eligible to play, you’ll need to buy a ticket for that game too. Then follow the instructions given by the chat host in the chat room. If you win, we’ll credit a free ticket to your account!

What actual games do we play? Check out our list below to see how each game works.

Chat game types

Our hosts have 10 fun games at their disposal. From simple ‘pick a number’ competitions and fastest-response games to anagram brainteasers and trivia quizzes, OJO’s got the lot!.

Got a favourite game of your own you’d like us to add? Email and we’ll see what OJO thinks!

Game Rules
Up Down Buddies The Full House winner’s buddies win too! Simply shout “Well Done Buddy” and you’re in! When Full House is won, if you’re above or below the winner, you win too!
Alphabet Buddies Any player’s username that start with the same letter as the Full House winner, will win as well. All you need to do is shout “I Won Too” and the prize is yours!
First Ball Out This one’s easy. Simply shout your lucky number and if it that is the First ball called out, the prize is yours!
Key To The Door When two numbers that add up to 21 have been called, the first to shout “Key to the door + both numbers”, wins.
Winning Number Players need to guess the last ball of the game to be called. The prize will be won by all the players who guessed it correctly.
Mirrors This game is based on mirroring numbers (i.e. 32 and 23, or 27 and 72 etc.) and the prize it is won by the first player who correctly spots two mirroring numbers and types “MIRRORS + both numbers”.
Karaoke The chat host will give you the lyrics of a song and you’ll have to guess the title. First to correctly guess the name of the song, wins.
Quiz Night The chat host will ask general knowledge questions. The first to guess correctly, wins. Categories: 80’s, Music, General, Movies, Celebrities
Anagrams The chat host will give you an anagram to unscramble. No typos and you must use all the letters. First one to correctly guess the word, wins.
B.I.N.G.O When a number appears in each of the columns the first to shout B.I.N.G.O, wins.

Chat game terms & conditions

  1. To be considered an eligible winner, the roomie would be required to have an active bingo ticket in play at the time of the winner announcement.
  2. The winner of each chat game will be awarded free tickets. They will be announced by the chat hosts and credited once the game has ended. The maximum win per roomie is once per day, per chat game.
  3. Chat game answers must be made before the final ball is called. Once the bingo game has ended, if there are no answers, no chat game winner will be announced.
  4. Participation is limited to players eligible to receive bonuses.
  5. Decisions made by our chat hosts will be final.
  6. OJO’s Rewards & Game Play Policy applies.