Bingo Lingo

Master the most popular bingo phrases

If you don’t know your YOLO from your XOXO or your 1TG, then our guide to online bingo phrases is for you. Prepare to enter the 21st century, Roomie!

What is bingo lingo?

If you’re new to bingo, electronic communications or the internet, you might think bingo chat rooms are full of gibberish (and if you’re a bingo pro, what are you doing here? You should be playing!).

Because time is money and phone battery is worth more than gold, bingo players talk in messenger-style bingo slang. Below you’ll find our dictionary of the most popular shorthand text speak that are used in lingo bingo. See below bingo terms and fun stuff our Roomies say when someone wins.

Learn it. Use it. And really mean it, amigo!

GL & CUL8R M8!

Coming & Going lingo

AFK Away from keyboard
BBS Be back soon
BL/BBL Back later / Be back later
BRB Be right back
CTN Can't talk now
CU See you
CYA See ya
GB Goodbye
GM Good morning
GN Goodnight
GTG Got to go
HAGD Have a good day
L8R Later
SYS See you soon
TC Take care
WB Welcome back

Friendly lingo

((name)) Hugs (name)
HUN Honey
JJ / JK Just joking / kidding
LMAO Laugh my ass off
LOL Laugh out loud
NP No problem
OMG Oh my god
OXOX Hugs & kisses
QT Cutie
TY / TX Thank you / Thanks
WD Well done
YW You're welcome

Game lingo

1TG 1 Ball to go
2TG 2 Balls to go
3TG 3 Balls to go
BLNT Better luck next time
CH Chat host
CM Chat moderator
FJP Fixed jackpot
FFH For Full House
FH Full House
GG Good game
GL Good luck
GLA Good luck all
GLE Good luck everyone
JP Jackpot
NT Nearly there
PJP Progressive jackpot
UL Unlucky
WTG Way to go
WD Well done
WDW Well done winners

Using your bingo lingo

Host_Sofia: Welcome to OJO, everyone! Game’s about to begin

ShezzaTheBezza: Hi everyone, GL!

Jeanie78: WB Shez GL all

BingoBoy: GLE!

Dave197: 50 Tickets here <---- This FH is mine

Poodle: 3TG

BingoBoy: Crossing my fingers for the PJP

Poodle: 2TG

BingoBoy: Ooo, NT

Poodle: 1TG

Jeanie78: BINGO!

ShezzaTheBezza: Yay, WD hun

Jeanie78: OMG

Poodle: LOL, knew it. WTG!

BingoBoy: GG, WD

Jeanie78: TX, CUL8R

ShezzaTheBezza: OXOX!