Slingo Bingo

Slingo games are an exciting mix of online slots and online bingo and are perfect for anyone who loves fast-paced games with great winning potential. Slingo has been around since the 90s but has really started to take off in the UK as more players join in the fun.


What is Slingo?

With slingo, the clue is in the name. This game is a combination of slots and bingo, using both bingo tickets and spinning reels to provide exciting entertainment and the chance to win cash prizes. This game was invented in 1994 by Sal Falciglia, a New Jersey real estate developer. Sal saw the potential in combining the excitement and simplicity of slots and bingo to create a new game that could become hugely popular. He created a company to design and develop these games, producing lots of different varieties for players to enjoy.

How Does Slingo Work?

When you play slingo, just like in bingo, you start off with a ticket that contains random numbers.

Ticket sizes can vary, but they tend to be larger than a standard 90 ball or 75 ball ticket. Once you're ready to play, you then spin the reel, with the game lasting a set number of spins. The aim of the game is to match off the numbers on the reels with those on your ticket, creating lines that are known as slingos. These games often include lots of bonus features and prizes, the details of which you'll find in the game information before you play.

How to Play Slingo?

Slingo online is simple enough to play, although the exact rules may change depending on which version you're playing. When you play slingo, you'll start off with a ticket above a single reel. Most tickets are a 5x5 grid, containing 25 numbers in total, and you'll have to match numbers with the ones that appear on the reels to form lines. Games typically last a set number of spins, although some games may use a different system. Watch out for wilds and other bonus features, which will help you score more slingos! Make sure you read the rules before you play if you want to have the best chance of winning.

Why Play Slingo at PlayOJO Bingo?

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Slingo Features

Slingo features depend on the type of game you're playing, but you'll commonly see wilds and super wilds. Some games also include the chance to win extra spins or a streak system instead of a set number of spins. Here are the details on some common types of slingo features:

Wilds – Wilds in slingo work in a similar way to how they work in slots, substituting for a number on your ticket. You can choose the number from the row the wild appears on.

Extra spins – At the end of the game, you can pay to keep spinning, potentially increasing your rewards. Some games also allow you to win extra spins from reaching a certain number of slingos.

Super wilds – Super wilds work just like wilds, except that you can choose the number from anywhere on your ticket.

Streak – Most slingo games have a set number of spins, but some have a streak system instead. You'll have a certain number of lives, and you'll lose a life if your streak of matching numbers ends. Once your lives are up, it's game over.

Slingo Game

Just like online slots and bingo, there are loads of different variations of slingo. You can play slingo games, including slingo advance, slingo reveal and slingo extreme. These games add new ways to win and slightly different rules, great news if you want to try something a bit different.

You can also find themed variations of slingo such as the Irish-themed slingo lucky streak, the Asia-themed Xing Yun Xiang and the party-themed slingo carnival. Here at PlayOJO, you can also find slingo monopoly, slingo deal or no deal and Britain's Got Talent slingo.

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There are loads of great slingo UK games on offer, giving you plenty of choice, no matter what kind of themes and bonus features you like best. All of the slingo games online we offer are great fun to play, and the best will depend on your personal preference.

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