Bingo FAQs

Everything you need to know

Hey amigo. Got a burning question about bingo? Don’t worry, chances are OJO’s read your mind and answered it below. If it’s not there, contact the OJO crew and we’ll help you out.

  • Although we don’t offer practice or demo games, new players can get 50 Free Tickets + 10 Free Spins their first deposit with no wagering requirements on anything you win. Wanna know more?

  • Yep! All of the software we use is independently tested and certified to make sure it meets the standards of our gaming licence, issued by the UK Gambling Commission. From signing up to depositing, playing and cashing out, everything at PlayOJO is safe, secure and fair.

  • Our online bingo software is provided by Pragmatic Play, one of the UK’s most respected game suppliers.

  • Yes. Just like other pure numbers games like the National Lottery and roulette, bingo is a game of chance with no skill involved.

  • Our software is regularly tested and certified by independent auditors to ensure it’s working like it’s supposed to. The balls are chosen using a random number generator (RNG) and no one knows which bingo balls will be called before they appear on screen. As everyone buys their unique bingo tickets before the game begins – and tickets cannot be altered in any way - it’s not possible to cheat either. You can learn more about fairness on our Fair Bingo page.

  • Some players like to buy lots of tickets in the same game to give themselves a better chance of winning, so the odds suggest you’ll probably see their names a bit more often. It could also be luck. As winning tickets are picked randomly, you could see the same player winning twice or even 3 times in a row, especially in games with a smaller number of players.

  • Your chances of winning a prize are entirely based on how many tickets you have and the total number of tickets in play. If you hold 10 tickets out of the total 100 tickets in play, you’ll have a 10% chance of winning a prize.

  • You can usually buy any number from 1 ticket to over 90 tickets. The maximum for most games is 100 tickets . You can find out the maximum tickets by clicking the ‘Max’ button in the ticket section.

  • We have 90 ball, 80 ball and 75 ball bingo games. You can learn more about our game types in our How To Play Bingo guide

  • This 90 ball bingo room is exclusively for PlayOJO players, and takes OJO’s fairness to the next level by giving everyone the same chance to win. Unlike our other games where you can choose how many tickets you want to buy, Equaliser games have a fixed entry fee and everyone gets the same number of tickets.

  • Bingo has been entertaining people since the 1500’s in one form or another. It’s a fun, social way to play, you can learn it in seconds and win big cash prizes for just a few pence.

  • Most of our bingo games take about 2 minutes, depending on how quickly someone wins.

  • Your bingo name is the name you’ll go by when you chat, and the name we use when you win. You’ll get to choose your bingo name the first time you open one of our bingo rooms. Take a moment to think about your bingo name as once you’ve chosen it, it’s yours for life!

  • Usually, no. There may be some circumstances where we will consider a name change (where you unintentionally choose your real name, or a name that breaks one of our guidelines), but you’ll have to contact us to discuss it.

  • Our chat hosts are there to give you assistance and make sure everyone has a great time. Learn more about who they are and what they do on our chat page.

  • Chat games are run by our chat hosts during bingo games. You can find out how they work, how to enter and what you can win on our chat games page.

  • Almost all of our bingo rooms are linked to the Pragmatic network, which means players from other bingo sites will also be taking part. If you’d like to play and chat just with OJO’s roomies, head to Equaliser Room, an OJO-only zone.

  • The game will continue even though you’re not watching but don’t worry, your bingo tickets will still be eligble for a prize.

  • Yes, you can buy tickets for a selection of upcoming games in the Prebuy tab in any of our rooms. Simply open a room, click the pre-buy button and choose from the list of available games.

  • A game’s prize pot is made up of all the tickets players have purchased, minus any fees that may be deducted for running the game. The pot is then divided into individual prizes depending on the type of game you’re playing.

  • In many games there’s a jackpot prize on top of the usual prizes. Jackpots are only paid out if the winning condition is met, for example winning the full house in a specified number of ball calls. You can learn what jackpots we offer and how to win them in our guide to bingo jackpots.

  • As PlayOJO Bingo is a real-money online gaming site, all our players must be at least 18 years old, even for our free bingo games and demo slots.

  • This is the best bit about PlayOJO Bingo, the constant cashback! We give you 1.5% back on every ticket you buy. Simple! Get the lowdown on OJOplus and all of our loyalty rewards on our bingo loyalty page.

  • Amigo, it sounds like you need our guide to getting started! We’ll have you playing in a jiffy.

  • Congrats chief, you’re ballin’! You’ve probably seen a pop-up which gives you the good news. Simply accept your tickets and spend them on any eligible game. Didn’t see a pop-up? Open the bingo room and click the Free Ticket icon to see what Free Tickets you’ve got.

  • There could be several reasons for this. Our Bingo Welcome Package is for new players only when they make their first deposit. You can’t claim both our Casino and Bingo Welcome Offers, it’s 1 or the other, sorry! If you still think you should have received your free bingo tickets and free spins, contact us and we’ll figure it out.