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When it comes to trumpet-blowing about PlayOJO Casino, we usually like to keep ours in the case and let our games do the talking. But today we’re making an exception, coz when it comes to online casinos, fairness is worth tootin’ about! We’re not Miles Davis, but we’ve got a tune or two you might like….

What’s fairness all about?

Just because you’ve got a gaming licence, it doesn’t mean you play fair (but it’s a start). Nowadays, everyone has to prove their games are random and they pay out what they say. That’s the bare minimum, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less. But games that work as promised are just a small part of what makes a casino fair. Check out our  trailer for a preview of what you get with OJO…

Many casinos pay lip service to their social responsibility, and only care about squeezing you for as much as they can. Usually that means giving a little with one hand, taking more with the other and keeping schtum with the need-to-know-stuff.

Take a New Player Bonus, for example. For years, online casinos have claimed they’re giving you something for nothing. But what they really do is give you bonuses with unfair terms that make it virtually impossible to win. When it comes to withdrawing your money, you might get a nasty surprise too.

To us, none of this makes sense. We’re gamers and consumers too, and we hate being taken for a ride. When we find a great brand that shares our values and treats us right, we stick around! That’s why we changed the rules of the game…

What makes PlayOJO Casino fairer?

We’ve been talking about things like No Wagering for years, and now others are catching on. But they’re still not doing it right, coz their hearts aren’t in it! Here’s how we do things are the Original, the One & Only Fair Casino.

No wagering requirements

This is the foundation on which we built OJO’s humble casino. It means that when we give you any type of perk to play with, you don’t have to play through any winnings before they’re yours.

Let’s say you deposit £10 and get a £10 bonus on top. At most casinos, you’d have to wager as much as £150 before you can get your hands on any winnings. Most of the time, you won’t hit your wagering requirement, or there’s nothing left when you do. Hardly fair, is it? At PlayOJO, when you win something from a Free Spin, it’s in your balance straight away. No strings attached.

All wins from bonuses paid in cash with no restrictions

It’s easy to claim you’re a generous casino if you only pay out bonus winnings as Free Spins, credits or funny money. If you’re the real deal, anything but cash is simply not cool. We believe when you’re playing for real money, you should win real money. Anything else is just fake fairness.

Bonuses with no maximum win

The dream of playing small but winning big is part of why we love games like slots and roulette. What’s the point in giving you Free Spins on a game like Book of Dead with a 250,000 coin prize, if you can only win 100? Naughty, eh!

When we give you free stuff to play with, you know you’ll have the same chance to win big as if you’d staked your own cash.

Money back on every bet

Cashback has been around for yonks, and casino comp points are nothing new either. But they usually offer terrible value, and depended on whether you’d won or not too. At PlayOJO, we do two things that make our real-time game rewards far fairer. Let’s talk OJOplus….

First, we give you money back on every bet, regardless of whether you win or lose. Even if you hit the jackpot and win £100,000 of OJO’s hard earned money, we’ll give you part of your bet back anyway. Second, we give you money back in CASH with no strings attached. No catch. No BS. Play it or cash it out, you’re da boss!

No minimal withdrawal

Here’s another way we put you first. It costs us money to process deposits and withdrawals, but that’s our problem, not yours. We never charge you for depositing and cashing out, and even though it’s not economical for us to process a withdrawal of £5, for example, we do it anyway. Because it’s your money, you chose us for your gaming fun. You trust us to do things right, and we believe you deserve nothing less.

We’re not done yet!

The Fair Casino doesn’t stop at no-nonsense deals and account features that put you in charge. We love to give more back than anyone else too, coz your loyalty is something we should earn, and always work hard to keep.

The OJO Wheel

The OJO Wheel is a fun way to give you Free Spins as a thank you for playing at the Fair Casino. As part of the OJO fam, you’ll get Free Spins on the OJO Wheel when you least expect it. There are 3 Wheels to choose from, each with different volatility. Go for guaranteed small wins or dream bigger – it’s your call.

Wheely Easy – Lower value prizes but you’re guaranteed to win

The Wheel Deal – Tastier prizes but there’s a chance you’ll go home empty-handed

Are you for Wheel? – The big kahuna! Longer odds but the prize is worth it

Kickers, rewards & ClubOJO

As you’ve know by now, we do things very different. It’s always nice to know you’re part of the gang and it won’t be long before you meet your new amigos, Mr Kicker and Miss Reward! During your OJO adventure, we’ll give you personalized deposit offers called Kickers, and totally free gifts called Rewards. You’ll also become part of our loyalty club when you join too. Your ClubOJO level increases as you play, and we’ll give you no-strings perks along the way.

Reel Spinoffs

Slots are all about you against the machine, but we love a bit of competition, so we invented Reel Spinoffs! These slots tournaments run daily, with cash, Mega Spins and physical prizes like cars up for grabs.

Buy in for as little as £1 – or even for free – and we’ll give you special Reel Spinoff spins on a selected slot. Any slot wins are theoretical, and will be converted into leaderboard points. In Buy-in Reel Spinoffs, you can enter as many times as you like. Take aim at your personal best and rise up the leaderboard to win the star prize.

Hourly Jackpots are newest edition to Red Tiger’s Must Drop Jackpot games.

Over 3,000 certified casino games

Fair bonuses and free stuff are part of our charm, but games are the meat in the OJO sandwich. Whatever your pleasure, OJO’s got it. Play Must Drop Jackpot slots which are guaranteed to pay out Hourly & Daily Jackpots, or double down on the world’s best Live Casino games. With thousands of games in our locker plus new titles released every month, there’s always something new to experience at PlayOJO, The Fair Casino!

Hope you’re raring to go, coz we’re ready for ya!


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