International Podcast Day™ (30th September) is when we pay homage to the power of the mighty podcast! These nifty audio playbacks have quickly become our portable little friends that join us on many a journey – teaching, entertaining, and keeping us company… wherever the road takes us.

A little bit of podcast history

With older versions of podcasts dating all the way back to the 1980s, today there are more than 115,000 English-language podcasts available on the Internet, with topics ranging from business and politics to comedy, cooking and celebrity news. Got an interest? Then there’s most likely a podcast about it – like The OJO Show, the first casino podcast of its kind!

That’s right poddies (made up word), in PlayOJO’s industry-leading podcast we provide players with no-nonsense tips and strategies for playing casino games. So if you’re looking to boost your blackjack skills or rack-up your roulette know-how, look no further… it’s shooowtime!

The OJO Show – a few stats

PlayOJO launched the OJO Show back in March 2021. Since then, our popular casino podcast has had nearly 10,000 downloads by keen players looking to up their game. Hosted by gambler and industry insider Daniel Grant, we’ve been filling your ears and minds with an abundance of casino tips and strategies and let us tell you, we’re nowhere near done yet! Who knew there was so much to know about mastering your casino game? Ahem… USSS!

So far, we’ve shared inside expert tips on Blackjack, Roulette and Slots and who knows what next?

The most downloaded podcast so far? That’ll be “Blackjack #2: Is Basic Strategy the secret to perfect Blackjack?”. You can listen to that and the entire OJO Show thus far on Spotify and Google Podcast, or you can check out our YouTube OJO Show playlist right here…

Play like a pro with The OJO Show

Whether you’re running on the treadmill, commuting to work, or doing your weekly supermarket shop, it’s never been easier to learn to get casino-clued-up whilst you’re on the go. Just pick a casino topic from the list below, pop in/on your earphones, EarPods or headphones, and prepare to absorb a plethora of no-nonsense tips and strategies designed to up your game knowledge, bet smarter, and have more fun.

So, how are looking to up your game today?

Blackjack #1: Under the hood of the classic casino game – This episode covers the rules of the game from the basics to hidden but important rules that even experienced players can miss. We talk about hand values, bet sizing, the house edge and most important of all, how to play your hand.

Blackjack #2: Is Basic Strategy the secret to perfect Blackjack? – This episode is a great introduction for new players, but it can also be a good reminder to experienced players of why choosing the right move is so critical to your long-term results.

Blackjack #3: How to avoid the most common Blackjack mistakes – In this show, Dan reveals the 11 most common Blackjack mistakes, the problems they cause and the easy ways to avoid making them. We’ll show you how to spot leaks in your own game and learn how to plug them instantly.

Blackjack #4: The secret to picking the perfect Blackjack table – In this episode, we explain the different tables you might encounter and rules to look out for, how to compare Blackjack tables so you know which to choose. Host Dan Grant also shares his tips for choosing tables when you’re playing online and offline, and reveals why this part of your game is so critical when it comes to Blackjack on the internet.

Blackjack #5: The secret to splitting & doubling down in Blackjack – Using practical examples, host Dan Grant explains what doubling down and splitting are all about, and reveals the difference between good and bad strategy.

Roulette #1: The ultimate roulette podcast for beginners – We kick off our series of roulette podcasts with the ultimate induction course to the world’s most famous casino game. From basic rules to the underlying maths behind this iconic random numbers game, you’ll learn everything you need to spot the smartest bets, walk the walk and talk the talk. 

Roulette #2: Investigating popular roulette myths – There’s a lot of nonsense said about casino games, but when it comes to myths, roulette takes the cake. In this show, Dan looks into some of the world’s most famous roulette myths, to see if the claims are brainy or just bull. or just bull.

Roulette #3: What’s roulette etiquette and why does it matter? – Every new roulette player will experience a fast learning curve when they visit a casino for the first time. There’s a minefield of unwritten rules around playing table games and you’re guaranteed to break most of them.

Roulette #4: How not to lose at Roulette – How can you improve your chances of winning at roulette? This the $64 million question Dan tackles on this episode of the OJO Show. You won’t learn how to beat the game, but you will hear priceless advice on reducing losses when the wheel is cold, and boosting your wins when results go your way.

Roulette #5: The truth about roulette systems – Roulette systems are almost as famous as the game itself, but can you make easy money, or are they just a scam? In this show, we check out 3 or the world’s most famous roulette systems to see how they work, if you can ever actually win and why we fall for systems when we know deep down they can’t beat the game.

Slots #1: How to play slot machines at your favourite casino? – Slots might just be the easiest casino games to play, yet with complex maths and innovative new features, they are probably the most complicated games to make. In our first cast, we explain how they work and show you how to master the world’s most popular game category that’s being reinvented every year.

Slots #2: Uncover the secrets behind RTP slots – The letters RTP are super common in the worlds of online slots, and used by many players to decide if a new slot is worth playing. But what is an RTP? In this show, Dan looks at one of the most popular but confusing terms in online gambling, and explains how it relates to the way the slots pay out prizes.

Slots #3: Boost your chances to win at slot machines – Most advice on how to win at online slots isn’t worth a cent. But in this show, Dan Grant reveals the only advice that can truly help you become a better slots player and maximise your returns in the long run.


Aviva is the Content Manager at PlayOJO and writes blogs, copy and all things OJOey. A copy/content marketer for over 7 years, she gets her creative juices flowing by singing, dancing (around her living room), and belly laughing regularly.

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