Love a trending game? Love a good slot tip? Then whatever you’re doing right now is ancient history. Stop mummying around and get ready for these 5 Eye of Horus Tips…

Get hunting for ancient treasures with these Eye of Horus tips

First hitting the casino scene in 2016, Eye of Horus has become one of the hottest slot games around these days. Think you already know everything about this ancient beauty? See if you’re right with these 5 Eye of Horus tips and fun facts…

1. Treasures fit for a Pharoah

Playing slots could sometimes feel like you’re wondering the desert in search for water. On and on you go and then suddenly it appears out of nowhere – a tropical oasis of wins! With a better than average RTP of 96.31%, this ancient adventure can really deliver the goods when it comes to variance, which is perhaps what makes it so popular.

Saying that though, it could be more mirages than wins that you’re seeing when those dry desert spells hit, but that’s high volatility slots for you.

2. Cruisy as a trip down the Nile

You don’t need to be a great archaeologist to master Eye of Horus slot. Just pick the number of paylines you wanna play, choose your stake and off you cruise. You’ll need to land 3 or more matching symbols or bird-headed God Horus wilds on a payline to get a win. What’s more, 3 Scatter symbols will get you a lovely 12 free spins.

That beady little eye of Horus is the most profitable symbol, and this little dude can dish out 10, 25 or 50 x your total stake if you land 3, 4 or 5 of them in a combo. Good strong eye contact, that.

3. Double trouble

There are ancient treasures, and there are ancient treasures. Following every win on Merkur’s Eye of Horus slot, you have two ways to try and double your wins on a choice of two extra gamble feature games.

Both ways give you a 50/50 chance of winning/losing. With the Card Gamble feature you need to choose the next card’s colour or the Ladder Gamble feature gives you a 50/50 chance of climbing or falling down the ladder. Whether you want to gamble your wins or not… is totes your choice.

4. Not the only pyramid in the desert

Eye of Horus has become so popular that there are now four more Eye of Horus offerings in the mix, including Eye of Horus Jackpot King, Eye of Horus Megaways, Eye of Horus Jackpot King Megaways, and Rye of Fortune Play – and where can you play these desert delights with no wagering and money back on every game? Yep, right here at PlayOJO.

5. Look into my eye

You hear Eye of Horus and think fun playtime, but ever stopped to wonder what Eye of Horus actually means? As it turns out, in ancient Egypt this was the symbol that represented protection, health and restoration.

According to Egyptian mythology Horus lost his eye in a fight but then it was magically healed and restored by the lovely Hathor, goddess of the sky. From then on, the Eye of Horus is used as an amulet on things like jewellery for its healing and protective powers.

Now that you’re all clued up on Eye of Horus slot, next stop: ancient Egypt, from only 1p a game!


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