NHS carer wins £1 million Jackpot!

The champagne has been popping in Blackpool for one lucky OJOer!  T, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has been named as OJOs first ever £1 million winner! An NHS carer in her mid-twenties, T decided to try her luck on the spanking new Wolf Gold 1,000,000 Scratch card game only 4 days after the scratch cards arrived in OJO’s game library. Who would’ve known that OJO’s brand-new scratch card games would be making their debut with such a triumphant result, eh? And the £1 million win couldn’t have gone to a more deserving lass.

T had bought a total of 2 x 5 Scratch card packages for £4 each. From one of those she won £12 and from another she smashed the odds of winning the jackpot (one in 10 million chance) and won exactly £1,000,000 on Wolf Gold 1,000,000 – just like it said on the tin… some say they could hear her howling all the way over in Preston!

This £1 million win has hit the records as OJO’s biggest win to date, with the previous largest single win happening in April, when a player landed a prize in excess of £420,000.

Watch the moments leading up to the win that made OJO’s first ever millionaire…

OJO currently hosts 20 Instant Win Scratch Card games, with more on to come. With cards from just 1p a go, the fun comes cheap and the prizes… well… they can pay up to a million!

Congrats T, spend it wisely!


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