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Hey there, OJOers. Feel like taking a walk on the wild side? We thought you might! Today, we’re looking at the Wolf Gold scratchcard game by Pragmatic Play. With a truly savage top prize of £1 million, it really is a beast of a casino game!

How to Play the Wolf Gold Scratchcard Game

OJO loves online scratchcards because they’re just so easy to play! All you need to do is buy one or more Wolf Gold 1,000,000 scratchcards and give them a scratch. If you match three or more of the same symbols, you’ll win an instant cash prize.

Here’s exactly how to play the Wolf Gold 1,000,000 scratchcard game:

  • Load up the Wolf Gold scratchcard.
  • Click “Buy More Tickets”.
  • Choose how many cards you want to buy.
  • Click “Buy Now”.
  • Scratch away the greyed-out wolf symbols using either your finger (on your mobile) or mouse (on your computer). Alternatively, click “Scratch” for instant reveal.
  • Receive instant payment if you manage to match three of the same cash prize.

There’s also an autoplay function too to speed up playing through a big pile of digital scratchcards. It instantly reveals the prizes on each of the cards in turn until you have no more cards remaining.

Beastly Prizes on the Wolf Gold Scratchcard Game

Wolf Gold scratchcard online game has no bonuses like some other online scratch cards and online casino games. However, the top jackpot of £1 million is more than enough to howl about!

There are plenty of other prizes up for grabs too. The Wolf Gold 1,000,000 series of scratchcards has a set number of each prize available.

They are as follows:

  • £1 million = One prize.
  • £100,000 = Two prizes.
  • £10,000 = 25 prizes.
  • £1,000 = 500 prizes.
  • £500 = 1,500 prizes.
  • £100 = 35,000 prizes.
  • £40 = 150,000 prizes.
  • £12 = 750,000 prizes.
  • £4 = 800,000 prizes.
  • A free scratchcard = 900,000 prizes.

There is a total of 10,000,000 Wolf Gold scratchcards available. Pragmatic Play measures the Wolf Gold scratchcard RTP rating as being between 67.03% and 74.48%.

Wolf Gold 1,000,000 Look and Feel

As the name suggests, the Wolf Gold 1,000,000 scratch card is part of the Wolf Gold series of slots by Pragmatic Play. The wild wolf from the slot, of course, makes another appearance and the action is once again set on the Great American Plains. You can play Wolf Gold slot today at PlayOJO too.

Each of the prize symbols is represented by the full moon from the original slot. That is, apart from the jackpot. The £1 million prize is a giant golden full moon!

How Much is Each Scratchcard on Wolf Gold 1,000,000?

Wolf Gold 1,000,000 scratchcard each cost £4. However, there are discounts available for those buying more than 25 at a time. Taking 25 in a single purchase will result in a 5% discount and taking 50 in one go will award a 10% discount. OJO just loves a bargain!

OJO says…

For the players that love them, scratchcards are all about revealing that massive instant win. With a top prize of £1 million, instant prizes don’t come much bigger on many casino slots online than they do here. Play Wolf Gold 1,000,000 scratchcard game here at PlayOJO today.

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