With live action and super-sized payouts, Lightning Roulette is a new take on the world’s most exciting table game. Real dealers, Roaring Twenties vibe and random multipliers of up to 500X make this game the jewel in our casino crown.

Boosted payouts of up to 500x

Live croupiers

Χ Fewer spins/hour than online roulette

Χ No American or French roulette versions

“Those multipliers add a totally new dimension to a familiar game – it’s genius”
Dan Grant, Casino Expert

Is Lightning Roulette right for you?

Lighting Roulette is the electric twist on the classic casino game, with the sizzling prospect of super-sized odds. With a live auto-roulette wheel and a random multiplier bonus feature, this is cutting-edge online roulette with the outside chance of some mega prizes.

There’s are two things to consider before you play. First, the payouts for a single number are usually 35 to 1, but Evolution have reduced the odds to 29 to 1. That means that even with the multipliers, the RTP stays the same as regular roulette. If betting on single numbers is your thing and you aren’t bothered about the occasional multiplier, then a standard live roulette table might be better for you.

Because of the theatre around the picking of Lucky Numbers, there’s a bit more time in between spins too, so that’s another factor to consider. For me, the extra energy you feel on every spin of Lightning Roulette makes it worth the wait, and more than offsets the 29 to 1 odds.

Lightning Roulette features

Lucky Numbers & Lucky Payouts

Normally, roulette bets have payout odds of between 1-to-1 and 35 to 1. But Lightning Roulette is no normal roulette game. Before every spin, between 1 and 5 numbers are randomly chosen to receive a multiplier. These Lucky Payouts can be 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x or 500x. If you had already placed a bet on a number that turns lucky, you’ll be paid out at the higher multiplier instead.

Electric design

Lightning Roulette uses a live host, auto roulette wheel and live streaming technology, all of which we’ve seen before. It’s the addition of clever stuff like lightning bolts and sound effects that bring this live casino game to life, and I can’t think of any way to improve on this version. That said, it’s Evolution Gaming, so I wouldn’t bet against them.

What the experts say about Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette was launched in 2018 and immediately won 3 different industry awards for Game of the Year. Here’s what the people in the know say about this incredible roulette innovation:

“Lightning Roulette has been the biggest table game in online casino for years. It was the first time that random computer outcomes had been mixed with physical real-world outcomes in Live Casino, and it was an instant success with players.”
Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution

Lightning Roulette tips

Lightning Roulette rules are virtually identical to standard roulette, so my usual advice on roulette strategy around playing safe learning about the bet types and payouts still applies. It’s a game of pure luck with a house edge, so you can’t win consistently, though I have shared a few other tips on how to win at roulette that might help you in the short term.

That said, the Lucky Number multipliers do add a new dimension that changed how I pick my numbers. I have found when I play Lightning Roulette that it’s more fun to reduce your bet size and play more single numbers to make use of the multiplier feature.

Doing this won’t change the house edge, but it will boost your chances of picking one or more Lucky Numbers. And let’s be honest, hoping one of your bets becomes a Lucky Number is what Lightning Roulette is all about!

Other games like this

Random multipliers and table games are a match made in heaven. Here’s 3 other games straight from the pearly gates that might give you a good jolt!

Quantum Roulette

Once Playtech saw Evolution had struck gold with Lightning Roulette, they released their own version, Quantum Roulette. It’s basically the same, with the addition of a 1,000X multiplier.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

Take Lightning Roulette, add the chance for lightning to strike twice (sending multipliers rocketing to 2,000X) plus Chain Lightning for up to 9 other Lucky Numbers, and you get XXXtreme Lightning Roulette.

Lightning Blackjack

If you like the idea of random multipliers and wish it could be applied to other casino games, look no further than Lightning Blackjack. Your hand could get a multiplier of 2x, 5x, 8x, 10x or 25x, and if you win, it’ll stay for the next hand too.

Expert verdict

I’ve always loved a bit of roulette, but I can’t say I’m someone who likes to spend long periods at the table. Sometimes I wish there were bigger payouts than 35 to 1 on single numbers too. Lightning Roulette solved both of those, and now I love playing Lighting Roulette for low stakes in swanky surroundings, hunting for those oversized Lucky Payouts.

Ready to play?

There’s no Lightning Roulette demo but you can sign up for PlayOJO and play Lightning Roulette from 20p per spin. What’s more, you’ll get money back on every game you play with OJOplus, with no strings attached. Plus there’s a welcome bonus in it for you, with no wagering requirements.


Why do Lightning Roulette numbers only pay 29 to 1?

Because the payouts odds for some numbers are boosted on every spin of Lightning Roulette – potentially up to 499 to 1, something has to give. Either the entire game’s RTP needs to change, or some of the odds need to be cut. Evolution decided to go with the latter. So what you give up in regular Straight Up payouts, you get back in (admittedly very occasional) boosted payout odds if your Lucky Number comes in.

Can I play Lightning Roulette for free?

Unfortunately not, there’s no practice version of Evolution’s Lightning Roulette, so you can’t try this game entirely risk-free. But you can play it for 20p and see what you think.

What’s the most common number in Lightning Roulette?

No numbers holds any more sway in Lightning Roulette than any other, as I explain in my guide to the most common roulette numbers. Don’t forget, the wheel has no memory either, so the latest numbers to come out make no difference to what’s coming in the future.