Place your bets and prepare for an exciting live casino experience as you watch the roulette wheel spin. While the classic rules are the same as what you can expect from traditional roulette, this version also includes a Mega multiplier, offering exciting bonuses worth up to 500x your bet. From developers Pragmatic Play, you can enjoy Auto Mega Roulette live here at PlayOJO, or read on to find out more.


Classic single zero roulette rules

Big multipliers worth up to 500x

Mega bet feature

Incredibly fast-paced


Χ Straight bet RTP is lower

Χ Only straight bets award multipliers

Expert quote: An exciting new way to enjoy live roulette, with some brilliant special features that make the game a lot of fun to play.

Auto Mega Roulette Live Casino

Things to Consider Before You Play Auto Mega Roulette

There’s a good chance you’ve played roulette before if you’ve spent any time playing casino games. However, while Auto Mega Roulette might look like traditional roulette at first glance, it includes plenty of special features that set it apart.

Not only is Auto Mega Roulette much faster to play, but it also offers big multiplier bonuses. Best of all, it’s live and available to play right now! We really love the overall presentation of this Pragmatic Play live casino game, with a friendly croupier who spins the wheel and reads out the numbers for you. If you get lucky enough, you could potentially win up to 500x your stake.


How to Play Auto Mega Roulette

If you’ve ever played live roulette before, you’ll be familiar with the basic rules of how to play Auto Mega Roulette. To start, all you need to do is select a table to join with other players, then choose how much you’d like to bet from the options provided.

Once you’ve selected your bet, you can place your chips down on the table. The spaces on the table correspond to positions on the wheel, and when the round begins, the wheel is spun, and a ball is dropped onto it by the live croupier. A real wheel is used, and wherever the ball lands will determine which bets won and which bets lost. Find out more in OJO’s roulette guide.

Auto Mega Roulette Bets

The wheel format used in Auto Mega Roulette has numbers between 1 and 36, which are all either red or black. There’s also a single zero space, which is green. You can choose to bet either on a group of numbers or on a single number. The more numbers in the group, the higher the chance of a win, but the lower the payout.

It’s incredibly easy to place bets, and you can also check a detailed history of your game to see which options you’ve bet on recently. The payout rates will be shown in the game information, but they’re the same as regular roulette, except for straight bets, which offer a chance for a Mega multiplier. Find out more about betting responsibly and responsible gaming before you start.

Auto Mega Roulette Bonus Features

Auto Mega Roulette Bonus Features

The main bonus feature of Auto Mega Roulette is the Mega multipliers, which are applied to random numbers each time the wheel is spun. The only way to potentially win one of the multipliers is to choose the straight bets, which is where you bet on a specific number on the wheel.

Mega multipliers are between 50x and 500x, potentially giving lucky players a big win if they guess the right number. You can also place multiple straight bets at once with the Mega bets feature, which lets you place multiple straight bets within a certain group of numbers to increase your chances of hitting a Mega multiplier.

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Final Thoughts

Pragmatic Play takes a winning idea and makes it even more fun and easy to play. Gameplay is fast, and the interface is incredibly simple, so you’ll be placing bets without any issues. There are big multipliers available on every round, with up to 500x your bet on offer if you’re lucky enough to predict the number the ball will land on. You can sign up and play Auto Mega Roulette any time you want.

Auto Mega Roulette FAQ

What is the RTP rate of Auto Mega Roulette?

The RTP rate for Auto Mega Roulette is measured at 97.3% for standard bets and 96.5% for straight bets.

What’s the maximum win available when playing Auto Mega Roulette?

The maximum win from a single bet is 500x your stake.

Does Auto Mega Roulette include bonus features?

Auto Mega Roulette includes the same bonus features of the original Mega Roulette, including Mega multipliers and Mega wins. There’s also the auto feature, which makes gameplay faster and reduces waiting time.