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Generation Slingo

The next best thing since sliced bread has arrived at OJO’s and we couldn’t be more excited! Yes amigos, the fun-packed hugely-entertaining Slingo Games are here! If you haven’t already enjoyed the wonder that is Slingo, well you’re in for a treat and a potential love affair.

Slots and Bingo had a baby

What’s so special about Slingo games anyway? Let’s start with the fact that they are based on the genius combination of 2 of the most popular games out are – slots and bingo! So, if you love slots and you love bingo, you’ll go crazy for Slingo… the OJO team sure have. Let’s not forget the huge cash prizes that are up for grabs. To prep you up for your Slingo adventure, here’s a lowdown of 2 of the most popular Slingo games on offer at OJO’s:

Slingo Love Island

The popularity of this summer’s Love Island has left big shoes for this game to fill… and Slingo Love Island certainly delivers! The beach, the sun, the love that’s in the air – it certainly warms the cockles in these crisp winter times. Your beachy adventure starts with a 5×5 grid with 12 win lines. Your paytable is there on the left and it’s quite the thrill watching yourself climb up the paytable in Who Wants to be a Millionaire-style. On your right is the bowl of bingo (or in this case Slingo) balls and you can collect Free Spin symbols for extra spins.

You’ll get 11 spins to match the numbers in the wheel to the numbers on the grid. BUT there are also friendly little Joker and Super Joker guys that allow you pick any of the numbers in that row (Jokers) or in the whole grid (Super Jokers) to get your winning lines. Also, if you land 3 Jokers or Super Jokers on a single spin, you’ll get a cash prize. The devil figure will mug you right off when he comes along to block an entire row so you don’t want to be seeing him.

When you’ve used up all of your spins for that game but you’re still on a roll, you can still spin for the displayed price. and you’ll be told what cash prize is up for grabs for which winning combinations if you keep playing. You have up to 6 extra spins at this stage. Or you can choose to collect your winnings there and then. I’m telling you, watching those Slingos form is edge-of-your-seat stuff. So, will Love Island be your winter romance?

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Let’s face it, we all love a good dose of Irish cheer and Slingo Rainbow Riches will give you just that! Rainbow Riches has long been a popular favourite for players so the fact that you now get to enjoy it as Slingo game is cause for some jovial celebration.

Similar to Slingo’s Love Island, the Rainbow Riches game also operates with a 5×5 grid, only this one has 12 win lines and offers up to 10 spins to purchase when the game ends. So, it has similar base features to Love Island’s but what makes Rainbow Riches special is its Bonus Games. These are activated as you reach new levels on the paytable and include the following:

The Wishing Well Bonus – this is the first in the series of bonus games reachable where you get to pick a wishing well that will reveal a multiplier.

The Cash Crop Bonus – 50 coins spin away on lush green land revealing winning values of multipliers and finish off by revealing increasingly valuable rounds.Slingo Irish Riches

The Magic Toadstall Bonus – here you have 3 picks to reveal a winning value between x1 and x5. You could also reveal a fairy which reveals 3 more values. If you reveal all 3 values with 2 picks remaining, your accumulated win will be trebled and will be doubled if there is 1 pick remaining.

The Magic Toadstall Red Bonus – similar to the previous level, here you have 4 picks to reveal your winning value. Revealing all values with 3 picks left quadruples the win, 2 picks remaining trebles it and 1 pick remaining doubles it.

Slingo Irish Riches

The Road to Riches Bonus – the jolly leprechaun will greet you with a wheel of fortune. Each spin reveals how many steps along the road he’ll go, the riches becoming richer the further he gets.

The Road to Riches Red Bonus – this is just the same as the bonus game before it, only the bonus amounts are doubled in this game! Cha Ching!

Pots of Gold Bonus – this final bonus game is triggered when you get a full house of Slingo lines. 12 pots will spin around in a circle and you will win the value of the pot that lands above the arrow at the bottom.

Boys and girls, the Slingo revolution is here! So, join us for some OJO-awesome play-time on these entertaining little wonders. In our experience, once you go Slingo… you’re friends for life! Tried and tested 😊

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