Ah, the magic of Hollywood. There’s nothing quite like a night at the movies to lighten the load for a couple of hours, whether it’s a drama, horror, or good ole rom-com that pops your corn. Well get comfy folks, coz OJO hosts some of the hottest movie-themed slots that tinsel town has to offer. Slot fans, we’re going to the movies!

1. The rebel without a cause

One of the most photographed stars of his era, the legend James Dean was one of biggest icons of the 1950’s, starring in epic films like East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant. OJO is very proud to host the James Dean slot game, complete with pinups of the heartthrob himself, 1950’s inspired music rock n roll music and more fast cars and motorbikes than you’ve had hot dinners.

The James Dean slot has 3 bonus features to take advantage of. The Free Spins feature can reward up to 20 Free Spins with all wins doubled and there’s the re-spins feature where wins are trebled as well as creating an expanded reel. There are also Legend Spins which can give your wins a boost of a 5x multiplier. Epic all round.

2. Enter the dragon

You hear martial arts, you think Bruce Lee. Afterall, he did change the face of martial arts back in the 70’s and even created his own style – Jeet Kun Do. This young chappy was also one of the most influential actors of his time, featuring in countless martial arts movies in the 70’s, including Enter the Dragon and Fist of Fury.

In Bruce Lee slot, Brucey is featured in all his ass-kicking glory, alongside dragons, martial arts weapons, death-defying moves, and of course that legendary face we all know and love. The game includes a Free Spins Bonus feature which delivers a smooth 14 Free Spins, plus an Enter The Dragon Bonus feature which can reward you even more by freezing Free Spins, meaning you just keep playing without your Free Spins disappearing. Some cool moves right there.

3. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

One of Tim Burton’s first movies, the cult classic Beetlejuice was an instant hit back in 1988 with its bonkers blend of comedy and horror. A host of exotic looking characters joined the scary/loveable green-haired legend, Beetlejuice on a haunted house adventure, which all starts off with an ordinary couple suddenly realise they’re ghosts. We loved it then, we still love it now, and lucky for you, there’s a Beetlejuice Megaways slot game at your fave fair casino.

With up to 248,832 ways to win, Beetlejuice Megaways slot comes with cascading symbols and up to 12 rows per reel for more ways to win, which can lead to 7,776 ways to win on each initial base game spin. There’s also mystery ghost symbols and free spins with an unlimited win multiplier. Ready to evoke the ghost with the most? Altogether after three… “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice”.

4. Can you crack JUMANJI?

Imprisoned inside a magical board game for 26 years, our beloved Robin Williams starred in this 1995 Blockbuster hit movie Jumanji. It tells the story of teenagers who get sucked in to save our Robin and the only way they can escape is to work together to finish the game, no cheating obvs. But why risk getting sucked into a game for 26 years when you can play Netent’s Jumanji slot the fair way? I.e. no wagering, money back on every bet, and free to leave anytime you like! Here’s a little bit about the game…

Set on the game board itself, Jumanji comes with four different Free Spin features and a jungle of bonus features. These include Sticky Vines where all winning symbols will be held in place by the sticky vines as you receive a re-spin, Monkey Mayhem where monkeys come along to rearrange the symbols to give you an extra guaranteed win, and Wild Stampede where rhinos will leave anywhere between 4 to 9 wilds behind after the stampede.

5. Yum Yum, it’s the Gremlins slot!

Another old-school classic considered to be one of the best films released in 1984 – the iconic Gremlins. The film all starts out rather innocently with a cute little mogwai (type of creature) called Gizmo.

But there are three important rules to remember when it comes to mogwais: 1. never expose them to sunlight 2. never let them come in contact with water, and most importantly 3. never feed them after midnight, because that’ll turn them into a less cute and substantially more dangerous monster called a Gremlin. Let’s just say that things get messy following some midnight binging.

The official game for the movie, Gremlins slot takes you right back to 1984, to the bedroom where it all happened. With a generous 8 bonus features to take advantage of, there’s plenty to snack on here. You’ve got the Avoid the Sun Free Spins feature for unlimited Free Spins, the Gizmo Box Hunt feature where you pick a box to reveal a cash prize, and the No More Cash After Midnight feature where you spin the clock to move along the multiplier trail for prizes up to 100x your stake. Yum yum indeed.


Aviva is the Content Manager at PlayOJO and writes blogs, copy and all things OJOey. A copy/content marketer for over 7 years, she gets her creative juices flowing by singing, dancing (around her living room), and belly laughing regularly.