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Oh, the magic of Hollywood! Whatever bee you’ve in your bonnet, there’s nothing like a really good movie to pick you up again. That’s the beauty of motion pictures, isn’t it? For a couple of hours, you’re whisked away to a world of drama, action, romance, sci-fi and eye-candy that only your wildest dreams could conjure up. And with that feel-good guarantee, is it any surprise that OJO hosts some of the hottest movies and stars that tinsel town has to offer? Get that corn popping amigos… you’re going to the movies!

East Of Eden, Straight To OJO’S

One of the most photographed stars of his era, the legend James Dean was one of biggest icons of the 1950’s, starring in epic films like East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant. OJO is very proud to host the James Dean slot game, complete with pinups of the heartthrob himself, 1950’s inspired music rock n roll music and more fast cars and motorbikes than you’ve had hot dinners.

The James Dean slot has 3 bonus features to take advantage of. The Free Spins feature can reward up to 20 Free Spins with all wins doubled and there’s the re-spins feature where wins are trebled as well as creating an expanded reel. There are also Legend Spins which can give your wins a boost of a 5x multiplier. Epic all round.

Enter The Dragon!

You hear martial arts, you think Bruce Lee. Afterall, he did change the face of martial arts back in the 70’s and even created his own style – Jeet Kun Do. This young chappy was also one of the most influential actors of his time, featuring in countless martial arts movies in the 70’s, including Enter the Dragon and Fist of Fury.

In Bruce Lee Dragon’s Tale, Brucey is featured in all his ass-kicking glory, alongside dragons, martial arts weapons, Ying Yang symbols and countless Chinese cultural references. The game has a unique reel layout where Wild (Bruce Lee logo) and Feature (Ying Yang) symbols are replicated from the main reels to 3 smaller sets. This can help you win big and it also triggers the Super Multi-Pay feature. And we all know what that means – Ka-ching!

Was That The Boogeyman?

It was one of the scariest films of the late 70’s and even now, it can still scare the bejeesus out of the toughest of us. It was also the film that gave birth to Jamie Lee Curtis as the “Scream Queen” of the 80’s and that creepy white mask unnervingly still features at Halloween parties these days. (long shudder)

Well if you’re a sucker for blood-curdling horror, get over to OJO’s and take a spin on the Halloween slot itself. Based on the movie itself, it includes some really hair-raising features such as the Trick or Treat feature where you spin the wheel to win cash prizes or access to 2 more features. There’s also the Boogeyman Bonus feature where you can win cash prizes with multipliers. But if you’re gonna play, do us a favour and leave the lights on, would ya?

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