We’ve just launched a new Safer Gambling tool that helps everyone to play safer and keep gaming fun.

It’s called Safe Mate, and it has everything you need to easily keep track of the time and money you spend at PlayOJO, as well as handy personalised tips and more.

Knowledge is power to your play

By giving you a complete picture of your play, Safe Mate makes it easier to know your gambling habits, stick to your budget and spot changes in your play that might need your attention.

Safe Mate shows you the figures and the trends that matter most. But stats aren’t just for nerds. We’ve made it easy to see time played, deposits, withdrawals and profit or loss, both in general and across different game types. You can compare your habits to players like you, and check out trends to see if your play has changed recently.

Most of us have a vague idea of how much we gamble, but if there’s a big gap between what you think and the reality, Safe Mate’s self-assessment will give you a heads-up.

This new tool, which complements our other Safer Gambling features like deposit limits and time alerts, also includes traffic light risk scores for warnings at a glance, plus personalised alerts and tips to keep you in the loop while you play.

Safe Mate features

  • Playing Behaviour: Review transactions, profit/loss & time played
  • Game Types: See time & money staked by game type
  • Trends: Graphs give you a visual way of seeing how your gaming changes
  • Self-assessment: Guess your play stats and compare them to the real thing
  • Risk Scores: See if your play habits are low, medium or high risk
  • Messages: We’ll alert you if you’re spending more, playing at unusual hour or had a win you should consider cashing out

To start using Safe Mate, simply login, head to the Safer Gambling section of My Account and look for Safe Mate. Once you’ve activated our new tool, your stats should be ready within 24 hours.

Want to know more about how Safe Mate works?


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