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Bingo and bank holidays go together like bingo and pretty much any other weekend, except there’s 50% extra. So thank god the Queen generously gives us 2 of ‘em in May.

Get your pencil ready, coz there’s at least 5 headline acts you should catch this month at the Home of Fair Bingo…

#1: Bank Holiday Bingo

Get in line for our bountiful Bank Holiday Bingo Bonanza (sponsored this month by the letter B), a proper ballfest featuring the best bits of bingo. And more.

Starting Friday 30th April, there’s fun formats and tasty prize pots everywhere you look. The curtain falls on Monday itself with a 4,000 double roll-on game. Roll-on the bank holiday (and that’s just the first one, too)….

#2: £5K Fab Fridays

In May we’re bolting a £1,000 community jackpot onto April’s weekly whopper, which bumps the minimum prize pot to a nice round £5,000. And it guarantees you a cash prize for every ticket you buy, which is nice! There’s a £2,500 Full House, £1,000 for Any 2 Lines, £500 for Any 1 Line too. The action kicks off at 9:30pm on Friday 7th May and every Friday night throughout the month. Buy your tickets now!

#3: Equaliser room, eh?

We’re going format-crazy in our exclusive equal-chance room this month. Get the same chance to win and same size prizes in Fiver Fever.

Win free stuff in our chat room Quiz Nights, squeeze in more balls during Power Hour and get value from your 2TG tickets in our £100 Ton Up games. It’s all happening at the Equaliser Room.

#4: Superhero Game

We have the Gregorian calendar to thank for giving us FIVE Superhero games in May. We are blessed! Join us every Saturday night at 9pm for the £2,000 weekly game that every discerning dabber wants to win. And even some indiscriminate dabbers too.

#5: Bank Holiday Bingo: The Sequel

In the time honoured tradition of sequels that are slightly different and just as good, comes “Bank Holiday Bingo II: The 75 Ball One”. Same £4,000 guaranteed prize pot, same 9:30pm timeslot on Bank Holiday Monday 31st May, but here’s the twist: This one’s a 75 ball game with 5 prizes.

It goes without saying (which people always follow by saying it anyway) that you’ll get money back on every ticket you buy in May and every other month. That’s real cash, in real time, with no wagering requirements or strings attached.

Good luck, and play safe!

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