Picking a safe online casino has never been more important, but isn’t as easy as you think. Tens of thousands of UK online casinos compete for your hard-earned pounds every day, and there’s no shortage of stories about players getting the short end of the stick.

Let’s take an unbiased look at what makes a safe online casino, and a totally biased view on why OJO gets a tick in every box!

Open, trusted & fair

You can have the best games and bonuses in the business but if you roadblock your players when it comes to paying out, they count for nothing.

If you’re a UK player, it makes sense to play with a UK online casino whose team is based in the UK. Trustworthy casinos are happy to pay out quickly too, no nudging required. You shouldn’t have to wait hours for a response to a question, so 24/7 customer support including Live Chat are important features of a safe online casino.

Gamers in the 21st century aren’t just looking for safety – they expect honest marketing and fair deals too. A safe casino is happy to give you the full details of an offer up front and stand by them – hell, they should be proud of ‘em!

Licenced, regulated & respected

A gaming licence is the bare minimum when you pick an online casino. Sure, you could get a tasty looking offer from a casino licenced in Curacao, but it’s safer to stick with a company that’s regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. As possibly the most respected regulator of all, they know a thing or two about consumer protection.

You also want your casino to use games from licenced providers. And the software needs to be regularly audited and certified too. How else do you know that slot is paying out its 96% RTP, or those Blackjack cards are random?

Getting rubber stamped by a regulator is obviously a good indicator of trust, but it’s an extra string to a casino’s bow if they’re voted by industry peers and consumer watchdogs. Who did Casinomeister vote the best online casino in 2017? We’ll let you guess!

Safe, responsible gambling

A safe online casino will always meet its licencing and legal obligations. But doesn’t everyone? What you really want is a casino which pays more than lip service to responsible online gambling.

Features like deposit limits and gameplay reminders are the baseline these days. A casino who truly believes in social responsibility will go the extra mile in looking after its players. No one should feel pressured to play more than they want, or spend more than they can afford. Everyone should know what safe gambling means, and have easy access to the best advice.

Good security

We hate it when our personal details are given out without our consent, or a company fails to secure its database and we have to change our passwords. A secure online casino should have the best encryption and internal processes to protect its players’ details. At PlayOJO, we use 128-bit SSL data encryption and never give you details to third parties.

Because players deposit and withdraw using real money, the stakes are even higher. If you can’t see the most respected payment processors, don’t play.

How did we do?

So there it is. If it’s a safe online casino you’re after, make sure they’re regulated, responsible, open and fair. Sound like anyone you know?

At PlayOJO, we tick every box and go an extra bit further. We’ve got the UK gaming licence, London-based team and red-hot security. We hand pick our suppliers and spread the word on safer gambling. But it’s fairness that sets us apart. We’re proud to lead the way in bonuses and rewards with no wagering requirements, and what do you know – everyone else is catching on!

We also give money back on every bet, win or lose, with no strings attached, and we don’t have a minimum withdrawal, coz it’s your money!

We’re the ultimate safe online casino that plays fair every time. And we’ll never stop looking for ways to make your playtime even fairer.


Aviva is the Content Manager at PlayOJO and writes blogs, copy and all things OJOey. A copy/content marketer for over 7 years, she gets her creative juices flowing by singing, dancing (around her living room), and belly laughing regularly.

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