OJO has partnered with Gemma Collins to launch a faux fragrance which highlights that problem gambling is the ‘addiction with no smell’. Together with Gemma, we’re looking to raise awareness of the ongoing issue with some easy-to-follow advice on how to smell the signs.

Gemma Collins’ new ‘fragrance’ Compulsion

Did you hear that Gemma Collins launched a spoof perfume? Her new ‘fragrance’ Compulsion is all part of a much greater cause you see, as she partners with PlayOJO to raise awareness of Safer Gambling.

But why a fragrance, I hear you ask? Well, Gemma’s faux perfume highlights that problem gambling is the ‘addiction with no smell’.

Gemma spoke with Breakeven, a charity that offers free counselling to individuals who are struggling with problem gambling behaviours, to better understand the downward spiral into problem gambling and the strategies that can be put in place to overcome it. This is a campaign close to Gemma’s heart…

“I’ve been around addicts in my life and drug addictions and alcoholism can be pretty easy to spot. Problem gambling often hides in plain sight, and we need to raise awareness of the early warning signs so that we can ensure people that are struggling, get the help they need, before it becomes a problem.”

To raise awareness of the hard-to-spot, tell-tale early signs of potential gambling issues, we’ve worked with Breakeven to develop an acronym SMELL, so that we can help concerned players or their loved ones, whom they may suspect to be hiding an issue.

How to SMELL the signs of problem gambling:

  • S – SLEEP – is your loved one struggling to sleep at night?
  • M – MONEY – is someone you know inexplicably losing money or struggling financially?
  • E – EXTREME– is a family member exhibiting extreme mood swings or have they notably changed their behaviour?
  • L – LOSING – is your friend losing interest in the pursuits they have historically enjoyed? Are you struggling to engage them on key elements of your life?
  • L – LYING – have you caught out your loved one for not telling the truth recently? Have you been unconvinced by their explanation or feel they are constantly telling lies?

Gemma Collins interviews Ian Semel, CEO of Breakeven, himself a recovered gambling addict. Ian tells his story of his issues; how he realised he had developed this issue and offers advice to people who feel they might be struggling and how they can utilise Breakeven’s support services.

This is when Gemma meets the CEO of Breakeven, Ian Semel. You can catch the full clips of Gemma’s interview with Ian at OJO’s dedicated campaign hub.

Gemma will be aiming to use her profile to raise awareness of the issue of problem gambling, an addiction that is often hidden in plain sight and is undetectable to the friends and family of those affected. She shares,

Problem gambling is a real, growing issue, and one that is often invisible to those around someone who is struggling. You can see drug addiction, you can smell alcoholism but gambling problems are harder to spot.  As the addiction with no smell, we felt launching Compulsion was the perfect symbol to signify the trouble people can have in spotting the signs and help educate people on how to spot them.

Visit OJO’s dedicated campaign hub for expert guidance on the issues mentioned, and to catch the full clips of Gemma’s interview with Ian Semel.

Please take the time to check in on your own/your loved ones’ gambling habits and familiarise yourself with the helpful Safer Gambling tools we provide our players, to ensure that playtime is always safe and fun.


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