Ahoy there, OJO crew! We hope you’re sitting comfortably because your Chat Hosts are back with another exciting game we think you might like. Just like our last recommendation, we’re mixing up slots with bingo. Get ready to take to the stage and play detective in our latest Chat Host’s Choice: Masked Singer Slingo!

What is Masked Singer Slingo?

Do you like your games shaken or stirred? Either way, this gaming cocktail is a hybrid of slots and bingo, which transports you all the way to the Masked Singer studio.

Eyes down on a 5×5 grid, your aim is to match the numbers on your card with those that land on the spinning reels. Simply put, the more lines you cross off, the more cash you could win. And with a top prize of £100,000 waiting to be unmasked, you’re going to want to complete as many as you can!

The bright lights and exciting colours will make you feel like you’re part of the cast and you’re in good company too. That’s because series three character Rockhopper is on hand next to the grid to offer moral support.

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Does Masked Singer Slingo have any special features?

Wilds and Super Wilds

In the Masked Singer Slingo, players start the game with 11 spins. Once you manage to complete four lines, the prize money will start to build up. Just like regular slots, Wilds and Super Wilds will land on the reels in order to boost your winnings.

If you’re lucky enough to encounter these, you’ll meet another character from the show! The Wild is Rockhopper, your trusty friend from the side of the grid, while the Super Wild is Snow Leopard.

Free Spins

During the game, there will be opportunities to win Free Spins. Once your initial allocation of 11 spins has finished, you can use any Free Spins you’ve collected to continue the game and boost your winnings. You can also wager real cash to keep the game rolling. If you don’t fancy playing on, you’re also more than welcome to collect your prizes and finish the game.

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Joker Symbol

Sadly, you can’t have it all good! It’s a game after all, so there’s bound to be a few sneaky tricks designed to trip you up. In this case, it’s the Joker symbol, otherwise known as Traffic Cone, another popular character from series three. If you’re unlucky enough to bump into this obstacle, you’ll be stopped from crossing off a number on that particular spin.

How do I win?

Once your spins and Free Spins are finished, and you’ve decided you want to end the game, any prizes that you’ve accumulated are yours to keep. Plus, if you land on a coin symbol at any point during the game, you’ll bag an instant cash prize.

As well as that, if you land 3, 4 or 5 Wilds on the reels during a single spin, you’ll also win a Scatter prize. There’s a potential top prize of £100,000 waiting to be won – how much will you unmask?

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Where can I play the Chat Host’s Choice?

Fancy taking it for a spin? Let’s hope you’ll be singing when you’re winning! Masked Singer Slingo can be found in the Popular Games section of the site. And if you enjoy it and fancy some more, we’re also the home of the official Masked Singer slot and bingo games.

Plus, there are also thousands of other games waiting to be discovered. Whatever you decide to take for a spin, you’ll get money back every time you play.


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