Dip a toe into live dealer games by starting with 20p Roulette 500x LIVE, which features a low-key live aspect, up to 500x random multipliers, 3 lucky numbers modes and two pretty cool 1-click bets!

Why play the 20p Roulette 500x LIVE slot?

Custom game modes

Up to 500x random multipliers

One-click Straight Up and Bet All options

What we think about the 20p Roulette 500x LIVE game

"Brilliant little intro to live dealer roulette with just enough spice to make things interesting!"

Is 20p Roulette 500x LIVE the right game for you?

20p Roulette 500x LIVE is a spicy little live roulette game that introduces a smidgen of live gaming in its real time wheel spins and calls, and combines it with 3 lucky numbers modes for the chance to win up to 500x on your straight up bets. The game is brought to you by the talented folks at Authentic Gaming, who are known for their unique and high-quality live dealer games.

20p Roulette 500x LIVE base game with a large spinning roulette wheel in the background and an interactive overlay featuring all available bets at the bottom.

Playing for the chance to win up to 500x multipliers on 1-11 lucky numbers per round is intriguing enough, but this game has a few more surprises up its sleeve! In just a single click or tap, you can instantly turn all your bets to straight up bets and even place a bet on every single number on the board!

There's a good range of bet amounts to choose from here, from 20p (as the name implies) all the way up to £1,000 and the game is pretty customisable in that you can choose how many lucky numbers are called per round or even switch off the lucky numbers completely and just enjoy the standard game.

If you want a nice soft introduction to live casino games, but still fancy a twist on the standard game of roulette, 20p Roulette 500x LIVE is absolutely worth trying.

Game features

20p Roulette 500x LIVE offers 3 pretty unique features that set this live roulette game apart from all the rest. The first allows you to choose between 3 different Lucky Numbers modes, namely, XL, XXL and XXXL, each of which gives you increasing chances to land extra multipliers. The second feature is an extremely handy button that lets you instantly turn non-straight up bets into straight up bets. Finally, the third feature in the game is the Bet All button, which allows you to place a bet on all 37 numbers on the table (don't forget the 0!) with one tap.

Lucky Numbers: XL, XXL and XXXL modes

When you first open the game, a popup will tell you a bit about 20p Roulette 500x LIVE's most impressive feature: the XL, XXL and XXXL modes, which effectively switch on lucky numbers and your chance to win up to 500x multipliers. XL mode is the default game mode, but you can easily switch at any point by clicking the Level Selector menu above the table.

In each round, once the betting time is up, lucky numbers will be drawn at random and highlighted on the table along with a random multiplier from 50x to 500x. If you placed a straight up bet on one of the lucky numbers and it comes up, you'll win the displayed multiplier x your bet!

Each of the 3 modes activates a different number of lucky numbers. To fund this lucky numbers feature, the straight up bet payouts are slightly reduced for each mode.

  • XL mode: 1-5 lucky numbers, straight up bets paid at 29/1
  • XXL mode: 2-8 lucky numbers, straight up bets paid at 23/1
  • XXXL mode: 3-11 lucky numbers, straight up bets paid at 17/1

If you prefer a simpler game, you can switch to Standard mode in the Level Selector menu, indicated by the letter S in a grey chip. This will remove the lucky numbers feature and return the straight up bets payout to 35/1.

20p Roulette 500x LIVE with 5 lucky numbers selected and marked on the board in XXXL mode

Turn all bets Straight Up

Directly above the table, to the right of the Level Selector menu, you'll notice the Straight Up option. This is an extremely handy little feature that lets you instantly switch your non-straight up bets to straight up bets. Being able to do so is ideal when you consider that it's only the straight up bets that qualify for those up to 500x multiplier payouts. A single tap of this button saves precious seconds before the betting time is over to quickly switch to the higher paying straight up bets.

20p Roulette 500x LIVE zoomed in on the table section to highlight the Straight Up feature to the right and the Bet All feature to the left.

Bet on all numbers instantly

Another single tap option that is priceless in 20p Roulette 500x LIVE is the Bet All feature. Located to the left of the Level Selector menu, this button instantly places a bet on all 37 numbers on the table in one go! Many players are fond of this bet, but placing it manually can be tricky, especially with such a short time between spins of the roulette wheel. This one button approach shows the developer is keen to give players what they want, and we love that!

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My verdict

20p Roulette 500x LIVE is a real gem of a game, especially if you're not quite ready for the all-action thrills of most live dealer games, but still want something fresh and new. This one keeps the live action controlled and scaled down to just the wheel and the dealer's calls, allowing you to focus on the features - and what features they are!

I love that you can play this game from just 20p a shot, but still dial it up a notch if you want to. I also like the fact that you can customise the game as you see fit, effectively letting you make the call in terms of how many lucky numbers will land (the range at least) or if you'd rather play without them. Add in those one-click Straight Up and Bet All options and you've got the perfect online roulette game right at your fingertips! Try it for yourself and you'll see what I mean.

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Can you play the 20p Roulette 500x LIVE game for free?

Unfortunately, there is no 20p roulette free play option for this game. Since 20p Roulette 500x LIVE is a live dealer game, it isn't available to play in demo mode. However, at just 20p a shot, it's perfect for those looking to keep a close eye on the old bankroll! Remember, PlayOJO has plenty of responsible gaming tools too. You might like to play the 20p roulette demo mentioned in the 'Other games like this' section above.

Why play the 20p Roulette 500x LIVE game at PlayOJO?

20p Roulette 500x LIVE is quite a popular game, but only at PlayOJO Casino will you actually feel rewarded for playing it. PlayOJO was the first to master the concept of no-wagering bonuses and rewards, and it's still something we pride ourselves on today. Get money back for every real money spin and round played here (including the 20p roulette game) and enjoy plenty more ways to feel rewarded such as the OJO Wheel, Reel Spinoffs and the Prize Twister.

How do you play 20p roulette?

It's super easy to play 20p roulette online. Simply choose your bet amount, starting from 20p, click directly on any of the numbers on the interactive table section of the game to place a bet, and wait for the wheel to spin. If the white ball in the wheel lands on one of the numbers you've bet on, you win!

What is the 20p Roulette 500x LIVE RTP?

The 20p Roulette 500x LIVE RTP (Return to Player) is 97.3% in both Standard and XL modes. However, that doesn't mean you'll get 97.3% of your own personal played funds during your session! What it does mean is over the course of millions of rounds, the game is expected to pay out an average of 97.3% of total played funds. Play this game at PlayOJO and you'll also get money back for every round you play thanks to OJOplus.