Funky Time is an exciting release from Evolution, the masters of live casino games. It follows on from the success of games such as Crazy Time and Monopoly, which have helped to popularise the live game show genre. As you would expect from an Evolution live game, it’s high on quality and entertainment.

Why play Funky Time?

Distinctive theme

10,000x max win

Lots of fun bonus rounds

What we think about Funky Time

“Funky Time is a blast to play with a fun theme and some amazing bonus rounds that have high winning potential.”

Is Funky Time the right game for you?

If you’re a fan of live games and enjoy experiencing something new and exciting, Funky Time by Evolution is the game for you. The developer has perfected the art of creating original and brilliant new games, combining the excitement of game shows with the thrill of online casino gaming. You can enjoy all of the action from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, playing for real money as you try your luck.

Like other live casino games, Funky Time is live-streamed to your device from a casino studio, with a real host in control of the proceedings. The game has a 70’s disco theme, with funky music, colours, lights and designs to create a unique and fun experience. As we’ve come to expect from Evolution games, there are plenty of interesting features, including special bonus rounds where you can encounter multipliers worth up to 1500x.


Money Wheel

Funky Time centres around the money wheel, which contains 64 segments and seventeen different betting options. Before the game begins, you can select your stake and place a bet on the option you think will come up on the next spin. Once the timer counts down, and all players have placed their bets, the game’s host starts things off by spinning the wheel.

If the Funky Time wheel lands on a segment you bet on, you’ll win a payout depending on the rarity of that segment. The number one and any of the letters are the most common, but there are also four different bonus rounds you can bet on. If you bet on a bonus round and the wheel lands on it. You’ll get to participate in the bonus and potentially unlock even bigger rewards.

Bar Bonus

The Bar bonus is the most commonly activated bonus with six spots on the wheel. If you unlock this round, you’ll get to take a seat at the bar, where you’ll be served by a robot bartender. Here, you’ll get to choose one of three different drinks, each one hiding a multiplier that is applied to your stake when you pick it.

Disco Bonus

As a funky disco-themed game, Funky Time features a sensational disco bonus where you can enjoy a dance with Mr Funky himself. This bonus includes a special wheel that is spun to reveal new multipliers which are applied to your stake.

Stayin’ Alive Bonus

Another fun-filled, disco-themed feature, the Stayin’ Alive bonus round lets you choose one of the coloured balls which fill a machine. When the round starts, the balls are drawn at random, and each fills its corresponding meter. Once they’ve all been drawn, the multiplier of your selected colour is applied to your multiplier.

VIP Disco Bonus

This is by far the rarest bonus feature, with a 1.56% chance of occurring on each spin. It plays out in the same way to the regular disco bonus, but this time, the multipliers are much higher. The lowest is worth an incredible 50x, while the highest potential multiplier is a huge 1500x, and it’s possible to collect several as Mr Funky shows off his moves.

Other games like this

If you’ve enjoyed the Funky Time live casino game and want to play something similar, don’t worry. We have loads of other options waiting for you here at PlayOJO, including plenty of exciting live game show games. Evolution Gaming has a great selection available, and they’re all a lot of fun to play. Here are some of our favourites, all of which we’ve played and tested out for ourselves.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher was one of Evolution’s first game show releases and the first live game to feature a big money wheel. These wheels have been a staple of land-based casinos for decades, but this was the first time they’d been properly introduced to the world of online gaming. Released in 2017, it has stood the test of time and remains a popular option here at PlayOJO.

The main premise of Dream Catcher is that you bet on which segment you think the wheel will stop on. Different segments occur more or less frequently on the wheel and correlate to the playout you’ll receive if you guess correctly. It’s an easy game to play, and the introduction of multiplier segments adds something extra. The game is a lot of fun and a great choice if you enjoyed Funky Time live, even if it is a lot simpler.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time built on the success of Dream Catcher and introduced new and exciting concepts to the genre of game show live dealer games. It was released in 2020 and continues to be a popular hit with players at PlayOJO, delivering something different and keeping all types of players entertained. It’s a lot more complex than Dream Catcher, but it’s still easy to play and a lot of fun too.

In Crazy Time you can bet on which number segment you think the wheel will land on. Additionally, there are four bonus rounds you can bet on, which will be unlocked if the wheel lands on them. These bonus rounds include big potential multipliers, and while they’re rare, the rewards are high.

Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is another brilliant live game from Evolution which features a money wheel and the potential to win big prizes. If you’ve ever played the popular board game of the same name, you’ll be familiar with a lot of the designs used. Mr Monopoly himself makes an appearance, and the bonus round includes an animated 3D Monopoly board.

Just like in other money wheel games, you can win payouts in Monopoly Live by successfully guessing which segment the wheel will land on. However, you can also bet on the dice roll options, and landing either of these will open up the Monopoly bonus round, where you roll dice and get to move around the board to potentially win even bigger prizes.

My verdict

The Funky Time game is a lot of fun to play and perfect for anyone who loves disco music and live game shows. Evolution has taken all the best features from previous games and added some exciting new bonus features that make every spin exciting.

The base game is simple to play and enjoyable enough on its own, and the hosts do a great job of interacting with players and making things fun. However, it’s the bonus rounds where things really get interesting, and there are some huge multipliers available.

You can play Funky Time right here at PlayOJO or check out any of our popular online slots and live games. You’ll get casino welcome package with no wagering with your first deposit, and you’ll get money back on every game of Funky Time with OJOplus!


Can I play Funky Time on my mobile?

Yes, Funky Time is fully compatible with mobile devices, just like all games from Evolution. You can play Funky Time and lots of other popular games from your mobile here at PlayOJO.

What’s the minimum wager for Funky TIme?

Wagers for Funky Time start at just £0.10, so you’ll be able to play with small stakes if you want.

What bonuses does Funky Time offer?

Funky Time has four different bonus rounds, which can be unlocked by betting on them. If the wheel stops on the bonus you bet on, you’ll get to play the exciting bonus round with big multipliers up for grabs.

What’s the Funky Time RTP?

The theoretical return to player for the various Funky Time bets is between 95.38% and 95.99%, a pretty standard return for live casino games these days. RTPs can change, so please check game rules for the latest RTP information.