In a world with thousands of slots, table games and features we’re used to, this Aviator game is completely unique. Place your bets and cash out before the plane flies off with your stake. Just don’t get too greedy!

Why play Aviator?

Social features

Unique game type

Interactive gameplay

What we think about Aviator

"I’ve played blockchain-powered versions of these games for years, and this online casino version is pretty good."

Is Aviator the right choice for you?

If you haven't seen this type of game before, Aviator is an example of a 'crash game', a category of games that first appeared in the Bitcoin gaming world and have only just made the leap into online casinos.

Imagine a game where you place a bet and a multiplier (your payout odds) gradually increase, allowing you to cash out when you like. But there’s a catch – wait too long and the game ‘crashes’, taking your stake with it.

Aviator Game Screenshot

That’s the general premise of Spribe’s popular Aviator game. After 1 or 2 plays, you’ll get the gist, though it takes time to get used to the range of outcomes.

In my last 40 plays of the Aviator game, for example, 75% ended between 1x and 3x, and 13 games had outcomes of 1.20x or below. Only 3 games had 10x or above, and the highest was 18x. On the day I played (as you can see from the screenshot below) the Top tab showed wins of 457x and 342x. That should give you an idea of the kind of prizes on offer.

Aviator Game Screenshot

You can play Aviator any way you want. You can cash out at 1.50x and win half the time, or you can cash out at 10x, but very rarely actually get the chance. The minimum bet is 10p, and I would recommend you keep to low stakes until you’re familiar with how the game works. You can place 1 or 2 bets, and with 2 bets it’s nice to have the option to cash 1 out early, and leave the other for a possible big multiplier.

The one thing you absolutely must do when you play this Aviator game online, is pay attention. If you’re slow to react, or you just plan forget, you are 100% guaranteed to lose.

Game features

The plane

The plane is just a way to visualise the multiplier or ‘coefficient’ as the game calls it. It starts at 1x (basically your stake) and slowly rises. In my experience, 3 out of 4 planes will cut loose before the multiplier reaches 3x, but if you like a bit of risk and are prepared to wait, some planes do reach 10x or even 20x.

Aviator Game Screenshot


Crash games are pretty nerdy, and cash fans love to look at the game history, player statistics and so on. There’s plenty of data here if you like that sort of thing.


The chat window is a major part of cash games, because unlike with online slots and most other casino games, you can chat with other players, vent your frustration, celebrate your wins. You can also check out leaderboards and see how you stack up against other players.

Aviator Game Screenshot

Provably fair

The original crash games were built using bitcoin’s blockchain software, and transparent fairness was a big selling point. I won’t go into the techy stuff about cryptography and seeds, but after each round of the Aviator casino game, you can check the previous result to ensure if was entirely random and not interfered with. As you can see in the image above, the result was generated using a combination of random data from the server and players.

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This is Pragmatic Play’s effort at a crash game and it’s much slicker than the Aviator online game. It’s also aimed more at the traditional gamer crowd than bitcoiners, so there’s less data flying around too.

Cash It

Playtech has taken a different route with their crash game. It’s a 1-player game rather than a social game, which means it is a lot quicker. The most interesting feature is the Collect Half, which allows you to cash in some early, and let the rest ride to see how high you can go.

My verdict

Aviator is unlike most other games at PlayOJO. It’s not a slot, and it’s not a casino game. It’s a totally new type of experience, and so it takes a bit of getting used to. With all the data scrolling past, it’s very ‘crypto’, too.

It’s nicely put together, but graphics aren’t why people enjoy crash games. It’s all about the decisions, the strategy and the tension, and there’s plenty of that with this game.

If you'd like to play Aviator online or check out PlayOJO’s ridiculous selection of over 5,000 casino games, sign up now and you’ll get 50 free spins (worth 10p each) on the Book of Dead slot when you make your 1st deposit (terms apply). No wagering requirements, no cap on what you can win with your free spins, and you’ll get money back on every game of Aviator with no strings attached.


How do you play Aviator?

Aviator is a type of casino game called ‘crash games’, which test your patience and coolness under pressure. Once you’ve placed your bet, the plane will begin its journey, increasing you win odds from 1x as it rises. The plane can disappear at any time, from 1x right up to 20x or more. Your mission is to choose the right time to cash out, before you lose your stake.

What is provably fair?

It may have come in useful in the crypto wild west where every player is a sceptic (and rightly so, in y experience) but in the online casino world, all games are fair, so there’s not an awful lot to prove. Nevertheless, it’s a nice little feature in this Aviator money game for those who like to get into the weeds of cryptography.

What is the Aviator RTP?

The Aviator game has a theoretical Return To Player of 97%, which is higher than most online slots, and pretty similar to most table games. If you play Aviator at PlayOJO, you also get money back on every game with no strings attached, via OJOplus.

What is a coefficient?

For some reason, game provider Spribe decided to keep this fairly complex term from the crypto and finance world, even though their Aviator betting game is aimed at traditional online casino players. To you and me, coefficient just means ‘multiplier’ or payout odds. So if you cash out your £5 bet at a coefficient of 3x, you get 3 times your stake or £15.