Top Eye of Horus Facts may not yet be a category on Mastermind, but there’s no harm in getting you up to speed. Never say never.

Like the good Egyptologists we are, we’ve been digging and brushing out hearts out to unearth the secret to this slot’s success. Here’s what we found…

Fact #1: It’s a Top 20 slot, I kid you not

Hard to know exactly why (though that is surely the point of this blog), but Eye of Horus is a regular in the Top 20 Slots at PlayOJO and, rumour has it, one of the highest grossing slot games of recent times. Don’t quote me on it. Maybe it’s the features. Maybe it’s the nostalgia for gaming-days gone by. Maybe it’s the 96.31% RTP. Only the Eye knows for sure.

Fact #2: Symbol upgrade feature

The creators of this slot didn’t invent Free Spins, but they do deserve a pat on the back with some papyrus for the bonus features they brought to the party.

Not only does the righteous birdbrain trigger more Eye of Horus Free Spins when it appears during the bonus round, but it picks a low paying symbol and upgrades all of them on the reels into another symbol. By the end of your Eye of Horus Free Spins, UK slots fans may have reels full of nothing but dogs and falcons. WOOF WOOF!

Fact #3: You don’t always need to play your cards right

Gamble features give you the chance to spin up a win with 1 click, normally with the turn of a card. When you play Eye of Horus, the Card Gamble feature gets shown up by a Ladder Gamble mechanic straight out of the old pub fruities. High-or-low your way to bigger loot, bank half, bank the lot or just swerve it completely, the choice is yours.

Fact #4: Egyptian mythology of the curious kind

There are plenty of ancient Egyptian slots, but how many of them star the wedgat, a symbol of security, power and fairness (sound like any casino you know?). Don’t get me started on the weird (and occasionally X-rated) backstory to this slot either (check out Horus’ Wiki). Let’s just be grateful the game developers chose not to include lettuce or certain body parts for reel symbols.

Fact #5: Egyptian theme, Aussie genes

Always nice to have a fun fact that has almost nothing to do with the game. Legend has it (or Google anyway), Eye of Horus was born in Brisbane (or more accurately the Shire of Taringa, for all you aspiring hobbits out there) at the offices of Reel Time Gaming.

The game studio is nestled between the Gold Coast and Sunshine coast, which explains the sun god worship. It may look like a classic land-based slot but RTG created this retro gem in just 2016. And as it started out with a vintage vibe, at least it’ll age well!

Fact #6: A slot with a nice ring to it

Don’t know about mobile phones, but the Egyptians would have loved a tablet. You could say (fi you knew nothing about it) that hieroglyphics were just early emoji’s. Stay with me, I’m going somewhere with this…

You don’t need to be an Eye of Horus slots superfan to use the official ring tone, but it would probably help. I urge you to make your callers wait the full 19 seconds before answering…

Fact #7: The boys in Blue gave it a Megaways™ reboot

Going a bit off-brief here, but if you loved the theme yet yearned for more payline action, point your mouse at the Megaways™ version, released to the world in 2019. This time is was Blueprint Gaming on the wheels of steel, spinning us an old tune with a crazy new beat. What once was a 10-line slot became a 15,625 Ways wonder with a max prize of £250,000. A spin will set you back the princely sum of 10p, although if the original floats your boat, you can play Eye of Horus for free.

You’d think there couldn’t possibly be more to learn about our Eye of Horus slot, but it’s your lucky day. If encyclopaedic knowledge is what you’re after, you know what to click….


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