Spartacus Slot Machine


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The Spartacus game is a constant fight for success, richness and ultimately freedom. WMS plunge you into the arena and square you off with some mighty foes. If you succeed, you will bask in glory and will have a story to tell.

Spartacus feels like a complex game, with two distinct slots under the same shell. There are 100 paylines, spanning across two distinct matrixes. The first has 20 reels and the second as many as 60, so winnings can come at any time. Stacked symbols are the essence of this innovative slot and when Wilds appear in this format, your winnings will come in cascades.

Spartacus Slot Machine Features

The Spartacus game has some of the most popular WMS features, but somehow retains its simplicity. With this complex game matrix and multiple reels spinning frantically, the thunderous war is ready to begin. User friendly and easy to play, it allows you to bet tiny amounts, so any bankrolls would fit the purpose.

A tiny investment can lead to big payouts during the bonus games. You regularly get 8 Free Spins, but if Wild symbols pop up on the colossal reels, these eight rounds will make all the difference. Keep an eye for stacked symbols, since these are the gold mines that will take you from rags to riches. The Spartacus slot machine starts off slow, but gains traction fast and by the time you realise it, you are fully immersed.

The Spartacus slot logo is the Wild symbol and the one that will get stuck in your mind for years to come. If it appears stacked and fills an entire reel, it will have the same effect on the colossal reels. From that point onward, nothing is certain except for the fact that you are in for a treat.

Graphics, Atmosphere and Theme

Play Spartacus slot machine and it will take you to the outskirts of the Roman Empire. The soundtrack will take your mind to the Gladiator movie, with its epic score and breathtaking crescendo. Visually delightful, this WMS game takes itself seriously and can leave your soul heavy.

Spartacus Slot Bonus with The Colosseum Option

You’ll need three Scatter symbols to trigger eight Free Spins at least, but the Multipliers will make this tiny package more attractive. When the Colosseum shows up four times or more, the number of Free Spins increases to 20 and the same goes for the Multiplier. This is not a frequent sight, but that’s what makes it all more exciting when it happens.

Unlike most other top slots online, the Spartacus video slot doesn't have a proper bonus mini game to provide the extra thrills. It is the grind, the struggle and the promise of deliverance that keep players going. Keep your foes in your crosshairs, throw a punch, land a fatal blow and watch the crowds chant.