Slingo Carnival Slots


Fancy an exciting day out at the carnival? Expect fun rides and lots of excitement as you roll up and try your luck. Slingo Carnival is a brand new game available here at PlayOJO online casino, offering the simplicity of Slingo with lots of different bonus games to enjoy and big winning potential. Even if you’ve never played Slingo before, it’s worth checking out and is easy to learn. Find out what to expect in our review below.


Simple slingo gameplay

Seven different bonus rounds

Multipliers worth up to 1000x your bet

Fun theme


Χ Five lines for a payout

Χ Blockers hinder progress

Expert quote: An exciting Slingo game with loads of fun bonus rounds to unlock.

Slingo Carnival Slot

Things to Know Before Playing Slingo Carnival

Slingo is an interesting combination of the best bits of online slots and bingo. It’s easy to play and a lot of fun once you know how. Slingo Carnival is based on traditional carnivals, where you can play lots of fun games to win prizes. Created by Slingo Originals, there are lots of ways to play and chances to win.

The theme and overall style of the game are fantastic, especially if you’re feeling nostalgic for summer Carnivals and all the games on offer. Thankfully, it’s also very easy to play, and you can get started with a low minimum bet. In addition, it’s possible to win up to 1000x your stake if you get lucky! Make sure you always play responsibly and learn the rules before you start.


How to Play Slingo Carnival

Anyone can play Slingo Carnival, and while the rules might seem confusing if you’re not used to Slingo, they’re easy to pick up once you get started. Simply choose your stake and then press the start game button to begin.

Once you start the game, ten balls will drop down one by one, and each new ball causes the reel at the bottom of the grid to spin. Numbers on the reels will match up with those on the grid, marking them off. Just like in bingo, you’ll be looking to complete lines in order to win prizes, with more lines meaning more rewards. At the end of your ten spins, you can choose to collect your rewards or buy more spins.

Slingo Carnival Symbols

Instead of having symbols like slots, Slingo games use numbers between one and 75. These numbers will be randomly placed across a 5x5 grid in the middle of the screen. As the reel at the bottom of the grid spins, you’ll have the chance to match numbers on the reel to those on the grid.

Aside from numbers, the spinning reel in Slingo Carnival also contains jokers. These substitute for any other number, letting you pick a number on that column. In addition, there are super jokers, devils and free spins symbols. Super jokers let you choose any number on the grid, while devils are blockers. The free spins symbols give you one extra free spin that round.

Slingo Carnival Bonus Features

Rather than paying out instantly based on how many lines you achieve, Slingo Carnival offers an incredible seven different bonus rounds. You can unlock one of these rounds from five lines and above, with more lines unlocking the better bonus rounds that feature bigger prizes.

For five lines, you’ll unlock the Pick a Toy bonus, which gives you a choice of three different toys. Each has a hidden multiplier between 3x and 50x, but you can only choose one. Six lines will trigger the Target Time bonus, where there are 50 different targets and up to four increasingly valuable rounds where the targets can get up to 10x.

Seven lines at Slingo Carnival will unlock the Bottle Toss bonus game. Here you’ll have three throws to knock down bottles, revealing multipliers worth up to 5x as well as more throws. Eight lines triggers the Balloon Popper bonus, and you’ll get four throws to pop as many balloons as possible. These all contain multipliers between 1x and 5x, and you can also unlock more throws.

Earning nine lines will unlock the Coaster Climb bonus, where you spin the wheel to watch the coaster climb and unlock bigger bonuses. You can win up to 500x your stake here, though the game will end when the wheel lands on collect. The Log Ride bonus is earned through ten lines and works in the same way but with a huge 1000x multiplier available. Finally, you can trigger the Whirl Winnings bonus if you reach a full house, which is a wheel of fortune containing lots of massive multipliers.

Slingo Carnival Slot Features and Bonuses

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Final Thoughts

Slingo Carnival is an exciting new Slingo game with a lot to offer. With seven different bonus rounds available to unlock, you can have a different experience each time you play. The jokers and free spins help to increase your chances, and you can also unlock additional spins at the end of the round. Sign up to PlayOJO and claim your 50 free spins to get started!

Slingo Carnival Slot Features and Bonuses

Slingo Carnival FAQ

What is Slingo Carnival’s RTP rate?

Slingo Carnival has an RTP rate of 95.6%. Each extra spin has an RTP rate of 94.92%.

What’s the maximum win while playing Slingo Carnival?

Slingo Carnival has a maximum win of 1000x your bet.

Which bonus features are available at Slingo Carnival?

Slingo Carnival includes seven different bonus rounds, all of which can be unlocked by hitting a certain number of lines during the main game.