Flip Flap Slot Machine


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GO Crazyyy and feel GOOD about it! That’s in a nutshell, what the Flip Flap slot dares you to do when playing. Give into temptation because SkillOnNet have outdone themselves with this game that redefines originality among online slots. The familiar gameplay elements will keep you grounded, but everything else about it will stun you.

You’ll discover a unique game that has unique commands located conveniently in the lower side of the screen. Once you master the basics, you will have no problem in handling the challenges posed and you will be rewarded nicely.

Flip Flap Slot Machine Features

Flip Flap is not the kind of slot that will have you walking down the same paths. It’s an adventure and one that starts in an unexpected way right from the start. The concepts of risk and reward still apply, with higher stakes leading to better payouts. Activate the Bet Max lever if you want to act as a highroller or use the autoplay feature if it suits you!

There are creatures from outer space watching you closely. No pressure, OJO knows how to handle these outsiders. The eight basic symbols that populate the reels depict various aliens that happened to look very much alike. It’s the humor, unmistakable charm and the sheer craziness of this bunch of creatures that make the Flip Flap video slot so entertaining. You create winning combinations by having the same aliens lined up and when you succeed, they will utter some funny (winning) lines.

Graphics, Atmosphere and Theme

There's something very extraterrestrial about the Flip Flap game. Everything happens at high-altitude, where the aliens feel right at home and where you are the outsider. There is nothing menacing about this game and the atmosphere is all pleasant and laid back. It’s the cubes that you’ll find more intriguing, but they are the ones that trigger the big wins. The developers have produced a compelling score, that’s positive and upbeat that will keep you hungry for more.

Flip Flap Slot Bonus Symbol

Flip Flap online slot would be far less exciting without its special bonus features. There’s a very special scatter symbol that goes by the name of Special Mode. Once it begins, you have to go as far as you can with the six levels and collect special symbols, to maximize your reward. If you are truly successful, you’ll win 50x the investment.

Hitting the Scatters trigger the other bonus game where you have to match various symbols in pairs. With the aliens, ever watchful, you need to act quickly and decisively. They don’t need a fortune on their flying saucer, do they? To return home with your newfound wealth, you only need a parachute and that’s also provided to you. The special shooting bonus game is triggered by the Parachute Scatter symbol when you play Flip Flap slot. You’ve got exactly 3 opportunities to shoot down all three parachutes.