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Join us every Friday for fantastic fun and the chance to win a big guaranteed prize pot. Our Fab Friday room is a chance to celebrate the arrival of the weekend, taking place once a week at 10 pm and getting the party started with a guaranteed prize pot of £500. This is a great chance to have fun and enjoy yourself here at PlayOJO bingo.

If you’d like to find out more about our Fab Friday room, including how to play, prizes on offer and when the room is available, we’ve created this guide just for you. At PlayOJO, we want to make sure our players are enjoying themselves as much as possible. That means we spend a lot of time and effort making sure that the game rules are clear, our bingo is fair, and there are loads of different ways to have fun. If you have any questions about Fab Friday or any of our other PlayOJO bingo rooms, you can get in touch with us using the live chat.

What’s to Expect

Our Fab Friday room offers 90 ball bingo, the most popular form of bingo in the UK. Although we have lots of different 90 ball bingo rooms here at PlayOJO, there are none quite like our Fab Friday bingo room. The room isn’t open all the time, but that doesn’t stop it from being a huge hit, find out all of the details of what’s on offer below:

  • Bingo Type: 90 ball bingo
  • Opening Hours: 10 pm every Friday
  • Min ticket: £0.10
  • Max ticket: £0.10
  • Jackpot: No, but a guaranteed prize pot of £500 is always up for grabs
  • Developer: Pragmatic Play
  • OJOplus payout: 10%

How to Play

Our Fab Friday room is available each week on Friday evenings for just one game which starts at 10 pm. You’ll need to either prebuy tickets or log into your account on time to join in the fun. You can prebuy your tickets throughout the week, and even if you aren’t online when the game starts, your tickets will still automatically be marked. If you win, you’ll be notified when you next log in.

As this is a 90 ball bingo room, the rules follow the standard rules you’ll likely already be familiar with if you’ve played bingo in the UK. If not, don’t worry, they’re pretty easy to learn, and we’ve explained them in full below. Alternatively, you can see our 90 ball Bingo page for a full guide.

When you first join the Fab Friday bingo room, you’ll be able to start buying your tickets, provided you’re logged into your account and have funds in your account. Tickets are always 10p for this room, and you can buy up to 100 tickets for a single game.

Each of your tickets will contain fifteen numbers between one and ninety and twelve blank spaces. You’ll need to match the numbers on your tickets to the ones that get called out during the game. As you match numbers, you can daub them off or simply let the auto-daub feature work for you.

Once you’ve bought your tickets, you can wait for the game to start at 10 pm. Feel free to enjoy the chatroom and socialise with other players while you wait. Once the game begins, numbers between one and ninety will be chosen at random.

As you daub the matching numbers off your ticket, you’ll be trying to form 1 line, 2 line and a full house to win. 1 line is a simple horizontal line across one ticket, while 2 line is two horizontal lines across the same ticket. Finally, the full house is the biggest prize of the night and requires daubing off all of the numbers on one ticket.

Each week the Fab Friday room features a guaranteed £500 prize pool, this is shared between the winners of the 1 line, 2 line and full house, but it’s possible to win the top prize from just one ticket. That means you could potentially win from spending just 10p!

Why Do Players Love the Fab Friday Room?

Our PlayOJO bingo Fab Friday room is only available once a week, but players still get excited about this room. We asked a few of our players what they though of Fab Friday and why they love it so much. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Classic rules – Our Fab Friday room doesn’t come with any completed rules or features, it’s simple 90 ball bingo with classic rules. This means there’s no need to spend a log time reading through the rules and the vast majority of players understand exactly how to play and how to win.
  • Guaranteed prize pot – A lot of bingo rooms have prizes that vary depending on how many people are playing and how many tickets have been sold. Our Fab Friday room always offers a £500 prize pot no matter how many people are playing. That means you don’t need to wonder what the prize is this week, as it always remains the same.
  • Money back on each ticket – Like our other PlayOJO bingo rooms, the Fab Friday room offers 10% OJOPlus rewards on each ticket you buy. This means you can claim back money for every Fab Friday ticket, letting you play for longer while spending less. Our OJOPlus rewards are part of our commitment to offering fair and fun online bingo to all of our players.
  • Cheap tickets – The max ticket price in the Fab Friday room is set at 10p, letting players buy loads of tickets without spending much. Lucky players could potentially win their share of the £500 prize pot after spending just 10p!
  • An event to look forward to – Because the room is only open once a week, it’s a fun event to look forward to, and it’s an excellent start to the weekend. Friday nights are about fun and celebration, which is why we created the Fab Friday room.