• WHAT? 10 games of equal 75-ball bingo
  • WHEN? 10pm – 11pm every Tuesday and Friday
  • HOW? Pre-buy tickets or join us in the Equaliser Evens Room

Equaliser Evens

Equal bingo with £500 in prizes to be won

Enjoy fun play the fair way at PlayOJO, with equal bingo where everyone has the same chance of winning! Join us for Equaliser Evens twice a week, with £500 in cash prizes up for grabs in each session.

The 75-ball fun gets underway from 10pm, with five different line prizes to be won in each game. Every player gets 10 tickets each, meaning there’s no unfair advantages.

And if that’s not enough, there’s also a progressive jackpot waiting to be won. Call up in the required ball call to trigger the pot. Sounds like fair fun to us!

How does equaliser bingo work?

We've all been there – you rock up for some 75-ball bingo fun but the players that have maxxed out their tickets keep winning. Well, not any more thanks to Equaliser Evens!

It couldn’t be simpler. Every player gets 10 tickets each – no more, no less. That way, everybody’s in the same boat and has exactly the same chance of winning!

Terms and conditions

  • This promotion takes place in the Equaliser Evens bingo room.
  • Games start at 10pm (UK time) every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Minimum and maximum number of tickets per player is 10.
  • Equaliser Evens bingo games are 75-ball bingo games with five line prizes.
  • If more than one player wins a prize, the amount will be split equally between winning tickets.
  • If the full house prize is called within the ball call index stated in the game information, a progressive jackpot will be awarded. The winner will receive 50% of the prize pool, with the remaining 50% spilt equally between all players.
  • In the event of any malfunction/game void, tickets purchased will be refunded.
  • This promotion is only open to players who have made a real money deposit and may be amended or withdrawn at any time and without notice.