• WHAT? 90-ball bingo game with a gamble feature and progressive jackpot
  • WHEN? Daily from 6pm until 11pm
  • HOW? Pre-buy tickets or join us in the Diamond Dazzle room

Bingo with a sparkly gamble feature

Will you take the jeweller’s offer?

Are you ready to shine bright like a diamond? You could unearth a shiny gem in the Diamond Dazzle room.

Take a trip to the jewellers and see if you can dazzle your way to a win, with more than £97,000 to be won each month. The only question is: will you take the chance and gamble?

Gamble feature

Just like a regular 90-ball game, there are 1 line and 2 line prizes. But for the full house winner, there’s a gamble feature, where you can risk your winnings to potentially pocket even more.

The game shows 24 diamonds with hidden values, which are gradually revealed throughout the game. There's also a mystery 25th diamond and when it comes to the gamble, the jeweller will make an offer based on how much the remaining diamonds are worth. The higher their value, the better the offer will be.

It's then up to the winner to make their choice! Will you accept the offer?

Progressive Jackpot

The Diamond Dazzle fun doesn’t stop there! You can also play for a progressive jackpot that gets bigger with each ticket sale.

It starts at a whopping £500 and it’ll only get bigger. Call the full house in 40 numbers or less to be our jackpot winner.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Diamond Dazzle gamble feature is only available only in the Diamond Dazzle Room.
  2. Tickets cost between £0.02 and £0.20.
  3. Maximum number of tickets per player is 100.
  4. Diamond Dazzle gamble feature at the end of the game.
  5. In each game there are four glossy prizes to be won, you win a prize if your ticket is the first to meet any of the following criteria:
    1. 1 Line: when all the numbers displayed in a horizontal line on a ticket have been called.
    2. 2 Lines: when all the numbers displayed in two horizontal lines on a ticket have been called.
    3. Full House: when all the numbers displayed a ticket have been called.
  6. Diamond Dazzle Gamble Feature: diamond is evaluated to give the Full House winner an offer dependent on the numbers called in the game and diamonds remaining they can accept and take the offer or decline and take a risk.
  7. If more than 1 ticket wins a prize, the amount will be split equally between winning tickets
  8. In the event of any malfunction/game void, tickets purchased will be refunded.
  9. This promotion is only open to players who have made a real money deposit and may be amended or withdrawn at any time and without notice.