• WHAT? £15,000 guaranteed Roll-on bingo game
  • WHEN? 9:30pm Saturday 27th March
  • HOW? Pre-buy tickets for 50p in Bakers Dozen room


Play our £15,000 Roll-on bingo game with 10 extra Full Houses at the end!

Join OJO at the end of March to play for some tasty dough in our super-sized Baker’s Dozen bingo game!

When it comes to excitement, this 13-prize Roll-on beauty has nothing to proof. Join the fun on the last Saturday and you’ll play for the usual Line and Full House prizes. But when the game would normally end, the action just keeps on goin’ with ANOTHER 10 Full Houses dished out!

Here are the 13 prizes up for grabs, in the order they’ll be paid out, plus what you knead for a winning ticket!

Prize Payout How to win
Any 1 Line £750 Match 1 line first
Any 2 Lines £1,250 Match 2 lines first
Full House £3,000 Match all numbers first
Roll-On #1 £1,000 Win the 2nd Full House
Roll-On #2 £1,000 Win the 3rd Full House
Roll-On #3 £1,000 Win the 4th Full House
Roll-On #4 £1,000 Win the 5th Full House
Roll-On #5 £1,000 Win the 6th Full House
Roll-On #6 £1,000 Win the 7th Full House
Roll-On #7 £1,000 Win the 8th Full House
Roll-On #8 £1,000 Win the 9th Full House
Roll-On #9 £1,000 Win the 10th Full House
Roll-On #10 £1,000 Win the 11th Full House

Terms & Conditions

  1. This promotion takes place in the Bakers Dozen bingo room.
  2. Games take place at 9:30pm (UK time) on Saturday 27th March.
  3. Tickets cost £0.50 each. Maximum number of tickets per player is 100.
  4. This 90-ball bingo game will pay out a minimum of £15,000, distributed between prize winners according to the table on this page, or in the game info section of the bingo room.
  5. If more than 1 ticket wins a prize, the amount will be split equally between winning tickets.
  6. In the event of any malfunction/game void, tickets purchased will be refunded.
  7. This promotion is only open to players who have made a real money deposit, and may be amended or withdrawn at any time and without notice.