• WHAT? A 90-ball bingo game with £15,000 pot & 5 XTG prizes
  • WHEN? 9:30pm Saturday 27th February
  • HOW? Pre-buy 50p tickets now

£15K TO GO

There's no such thing as a close call in our biggest XTG game ever

Tired of close calls and near misses? With £15,000 To Go bingo, nearly there still wins you a share!

There’s £15,000 guaranteed to be won in this special 90 ball bingo game, which features huge Full House and line prizes. But the winning doesn’t end with a Full House. No ma’am.

At the end of the game, any ticket that has only 5 numbers (or less) left unmatched will win a cash prize. There are FIVE XTG prizes to be won, each worth £1,000!

Prize breakdown

Prize Amount How to win
Full House £7,000 Match all numbers
2 Lines £2,000 Complete any 2 lines
1 Line £1,000 Complete any 1 line
1TG £1,000 Any ticket with 1 number to go
2TG £1,000 Any ticket with 2 numbers to go
3TG £1,000 Any ticket with 3 numbers to go
4TG £1,000 Any ticket with 4 numbers to go
5TG £1,000 Any ticket with 5 numbers to go

Terms & Conditions

  1. This promotion takes place in the £15K TO GO bingo room.
  2. Game starts 9:30pm (UK time) on Saturday 27th February.
  3. Tickets cost £0.50 each. Maximum number of tickets per player is 100.
  4. This 90-ball game will pay out £15,000 to the winners (Full House = £7,000, 2L = £2,000, 1L = £1,000, 1TG = £1,000, 2TG = £1,000, 3TG = £1,000, 4TG = £1,000, 5TG = £1,000).
  5. If more than 1 ticket wins a prize, the amount will be split equally between winning tickets.
  6. In the event of any malfunction/game void, tickets purchased will be refunded.
  7. This promotion is only open to players who have made a real money deposit, and may be amended or withdrawn at any time and without notice.