Trick or treats, pumpkins and scary costumes – this is the Halloween we know and love. But what if we told you that there are things about Halloween that you never knew, that you never would’ve imagined to be true. Hold onto your candy, folks, coz we’re about to reveal “OJO’s 5 Spooky Halloween Facts”.

OJO’s 5 Spooky Halloween Facts

1. Halloween goes back more than 2,000 years.

Halloween all started as a Celtic festival to mark the end of the harvest, which is when spirits crossed over into the other world. So to keep the ghosts at bay, people used to light bonfires and wear scary costumes – sounding familiar?

2. Trick-or-treating goes back to medieval times.

Back in the day, trick or treating was when poor youngsters would put on a costume to beg for food or money with a song, a poem, or “tricks” they’d prepared. These days, kids dress up and threaten to trick you if you don’t cough up the sweets. Oh, how times have changed.

3. Halloween was a time to find a husband.

In the 18th century, single lasses would take part in all kinds of strange Halloween traditions to help find them Mr Right. These included standing in a dark room in front of a mirror with a candle to look for their husband’s face, bobbing for apples at parties coz the winner was gonna the first to get married, and throwing apples behind them with the hope of seeing their husband’s initials. Never mind being the apple of their eye – with larks like these, you’d more likely be taking out an eye.

halloween facts

4. We used to carve turnips, not pumpkins

Halloween wasn’t always about the pumpkins, you know. Us Brits were originally carving scary faces into turnips, of all vegetables.  It was actually the Irish immigrants who took the idea of the jack o’lantern to America, and that’s when all eyes started turning to pumpkins – they were cheaper too, and every penny counts.

5. Last year was the first Halloween full moon in 19 years!

Halloween full moons are pretty rare and this year, to give us that extra spook factor, we recently got to experience a full moon on Halloween itself! If there was ever a time for the werewolves to blend in in the crowds, it was then. We hope you enjoyed it because there won’t be another one of these Halloween full moons until 2039.

Devilish Halloween Slot Games

Now that we’ve covered Halloween facts, put extra spook into your Halloween antics with these spooky Halloween slots that’ll really get your heart-rate pumpkin.

Wild Walker

Some very creepy looking zombies is what you’ll find in Wild Walker from Pragmatic Play. The perfect accessory to your Halloween, there’s a lot more than zombies here to keep you on the edge of your seats. This Halloween slot has 2 spooky bonus features; You’ve got the Wild Walker feature where a roaming wild reel appears on every base game spin and like a ghost in the night, it can randomly move to another wheel just like that.

Then there’s the Progressive Free Spins feature with its 4 levels – the more bonus symbols you uncover, the higher up the level system you go and the more opportunities you’ll have to collect a potential up to 400x your stake. Wanna take a walk on the wild side?


If you were ever into the German power metal music variety, you’ll know that Helloween is the name of a popular band of this genre. Based on the band themselves, the soundtrack alone in this Play N’ Go slot is enough to keep you rocking right through your Halloween shenanigans.

Helloween slot

Set in an eerie looking medieval tower, it comes with a Keeper of the Seven Keys feature wheel which is your gateway to 7 free spin features. Each of these offers pumpkin wilds for modifiers like wild reels, 2×2 wilds and roaming wilds. The Helloween Multiplier feature can also randomly be triggered to add a multiplier up to 10x on your winnings. Ooohh, it’s looking to be a hell of a Halloween.

Lucky Halloween

This Halloween classic turns heads all year round. Well, it gets 10/10 for originality, for there’s little creepier than a pumpkin-headed biker dude, who is our main character in Red Tiger’s Lucky Halloween slot.

Lucky Halloween slot

This game has a whopping 6 bonus features and our pumpkin-headed pal can appear in the base game to hand out all sorts of Halloween treats, including up to 6 random wilds and a 20x multiplier. This game also has a Free Spins feature where you’ll get up close and personal to the pumpkin-headed being to land mega wilds and 20x multipliers. Who’s up for a nice slice of pumpkin pie?

Ready to put a spin on your Halloween? Let’s see what this full-mooned Halloween has in store for yoooooouu.


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