Woohoo, it’s National Doughnut Week! And we’re all going to celebrate in the only way possible, right? By stuffing our faces with doughnuts of course.

But instead of playing it safe with jam or sprinkles, why not open yourself up to a brand new world of possibilities?

Experimental chefs across the globe have been working overtime to come up with unique combinations and we’ve tracked down the most interesting inventions.

So dig out your passport and lather on the factor 50 because we’re taking you on a trip around the world to discover the craziest doughnut flavours imaginable.

The 10 most outrageous doughnut flavours from around the world

1. Black Cheese Topping

Our first stop is in Indonesia and we’re already trying to book a flight home. We all love cheese on toast but putting it on a doughnut might be a step too far. A chocolate frosted doughnut rolled in vanilla cream sounds delicious but topping it with parmesan cheese is a little bit rogue. But you never know – perhaps the saltiness of the cheese brings out the best in the sweet treat. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

2. Fruity Paradise

This intriguing creation from Thailand sounds more like a cocktail than a doughnut so we’re already on board. Once again, it’s a glazed doughnut with a twist – this time the classic dessert is topped with toasted almonds, whipped cream, cherries, kiwi and pineapple. The creators have dubbed it ‘paradise in a doughnut’ and you can’t help but imagine being transported to a calming tropical beach with every bite. Bliss.

3. Pork Floss Doughnut

If you’re not a fan of combining sweet and savoury, you might want to skip the next few. The Pork Floss is more of a breakfast bread than your bog-standard doughnut and it’s another trendy treat from Asia. Meat is the main attraction as it’s topped with dried pork and of course, it’s finished off with the secret ingredient that completes every doughnut. Sugar? Jam? Sprinkles? No, it’s seaweed obviously.

4. Kai Young

Another Thai offering, the Kai Young is incredibly popular throughout Asia and like the Pork Floss, meat is on the menu. This time the traditional glazed base is topped with dried, shredded chicken. If that’s not enough to put you off your pudding, it’s then finished off with a dollop of Thai chilli paste – just what every doughnut needs!

5. Pineapple Basil

The pineapple on pizza debate is SO last year! Now it’s all about whether it belongs on doughnuts and one bakery in North Carolina certainly thinks so. Their crazy concoction sees a yeast doughnut filled with a basil cream before being smothered with a pineapple glaze and sprinkled with chopped pistachios. We think we’ll stick to the pizza, thanks.

6. Boss Hog

You’re in for a treat (or not) for our next doughnut because nobody does junk food quite like our American pals across the pond. The Boss Hog was spawned by a food truck in Texas and it’s topped with pulled pork, potato salad and a generous helping of honey BBQ sauce. It sounds like more of a meal than a snack, and a messy one at that – don’t forget your cutlery.

7. Date Doughnut

When we said we liked having doughnuts with our dates, we didn’t mean it literally. Yet despite its fascinating combination, this treat sold in the United Arab Emirates is remarkably tame compared to its predecessors. A doughnut covered in either vanilla or chocolate icing sounds pretty inviting but we’re not sure about the addition of date syrup. We think we’ll be ghosting this one after the first date.

8. Lemon Sichaun

Ahhh at last, back to a bit of doughnut normality – sort of. This fruity and fluffy yeast version is stuffed with a pepper-infused lemon curd. The Californian invention might have a little bit of a kick but it’s a welcome relief after indulging on its gargantuan Texan cousin.

9. Chicken and Waffle Doughnut

After years of protesting, anti-sweet and savoury demonstrators have conceded defeat when it comes to serving chicken on waffles. But the angry mob will be raring to go once they find out about the Missouri bakery that have dumped the controversial combo on a doughnut. Never change, America!

10. Southern Spice Doughnut

Indian cuisine and spice go hand in hand and they don’t hold back when it comes to their doughnuts. The Southern Spice more than lives up to its name, giving daring diners a flaming hot experience. The doughnut is topped with various spices, as well as green chilli and thyme. Reckon your tastebuds can handle it? We recommend a glass of milk on the side, just to be safe.


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