If you love classic play, then the Spinning Wilds slot game by GVG will make a great first impression with you, as you settle in with 5 reels, each with 4 rows, and 20 paylines for an experience featuring symbols such as diamonds, cherries and bells.

Why play the Spinning Wilds slot?

Fun Free Spins bonus round

Spinning wild scatter feature

$50,000 max win

What we think about the Spinning Wilds slot

“This is the classic slot experience at its very best, plus a bit more with its fun features, crisp graphics and quality audio!”

Is Spinning Wilds the right slot for you?

Spinning Wilds was created by Grand Vision Gaming (GVG), a classic experience iGaming content supplier. This title is among their most popular for players who want to dive right into the type of game they know and love, but with a touch of extra features to make it unique. It’s easy to get into this game and understand how everything works.

I found the basic play to be quite straightforward, but the true excitement began when the free spins bonus round kicked off. That’s typically my favourite part of playing this type of slot game. I enjoyed how smooth the play was, with high quality graphics and audio alike, which fit seamlessly with each other.

Spinning Wilds Slot Screenshot

The Spinning Wilds game has 20 lines, and betting starts at $0.10 and goes as high as $400. That said, if you like to get a feel for a game before you start betting, or if you just like to enjoy some time with it without any risk, there is a free play demo mode available as well. This is typically where I get started, so I can decide if I like a game, get to know it, and better understand it before real money becomes a factor.

I enjoyed the feature that was straight out of the name, the spinning wilds, as they appeared and selected which symbols they would match on the board, creating winning combinations when it happened. Each of the symbols has a different value on the board, so it cranks up the excitement when those wild scatters land. This is a similar experience to what you’d expect from one of the more classic-focused games from Games Global, so if you like that style, this is one you might also like to try.

Game features

Wild Symbol

As the name might suggest in Spinning Wilds, the wild symbol plays quite a role in the features you might enjoy during your play. These can land on the reels during the game’s base play. When they do, they have the potential to substitute any other symbol on the board other than the scatters for free games. When the winning combinations occur, the wild symbol is worth 52x for three, 260x for four, and 500x for five.

Spinning Wild Symbol

Similar to the standard wild symbol, there is a second form, which is the spinning wilds symbol, where this game got its name. These can also land on the reels during base play or during the free spins bonus game. What makes them different is that when they land, they will spin in place until they reveal a new symbol. From there, it can create matches with any others of that symbol on the board. Even more exciting is that those matches convert all those symbols – in addition to the original Spinning Wild symbol – into wilds!

Spinning Wilds Features Screenshot

It’s also possible for more than one Spinning Wild symbol to land. In that case, they are triggered one at a time from left to right.

In the case that one of the Spinning Wild scatters lands while you’re playing a free spins bonus game, it will occur exclusively on the fifth reel. There, it will randomly reveal a number between 1 and 4. That will designate which reel will become entirely wild, along with the fifth one.

Free Spin Scatters and Bonus Game

It’s not uncommon to play casino slots online and come across games with free spin scatters that lead to bonus games to play. The Spinning Wilds game is no exception, and the excitement it can provide really keeps the game moving.

The symbol for this feature is very obvious, as it says FREE GAMES right on it, as is the case with traditional slots. To trigger the free spins game, three of these symbols must land on a single spin. This will provide five free spins in the bonus game. Any additional FREE GAMES symbols that land on the same board with the original three will add an additional free spin to the bonus game play.

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My verdict

Spinning Wilds is a game developed with players in mind who enjoy the experience of playing classic slots with a bit more to offer in their feature lineup. The game’s base mode is sleek, with high quality audio and graphics that help it to overcome what would otherwise be a relatively standard theme. However, once the reels start spinning and the wild and free spin scatters start landing, the play really picks up.

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How can I try Spinning Wilds for free?

Aside from betting with real money – starting at $0.10 – it’s also possible to play the Spinning Wilds online slot for free if you choose to play the demo version while you’re at PlayOJO. This version of the game provides you with unlimited freeplay, so you can have as much fun as you want with the Spinning Wilds game without having to bet with real money. To play this version, all you need to do is sign up at PlayOJO, search for the Spinning Wilds title, and choose the Try for Free option. You do not need to make a deposit to play the Spinning Wilds slot demo version.

How do you trigger the Spinning Wilds free spins bonus game?

Triggering the free spins bonus game isn’t complicated at all in this game. All you need to do is have 3 of the FREE SPINS scatters land during the same spin. When that happens, you’ll be given 5 free spins during the bonus play. For every additional FREE SPINS token that lands during that same spin, you’ll get another free spin during the bonus game.

Why should I play the Spinning Wilds slot at PlayOJO?

PlayOJO is proud to be able to offer you a consistently exceptional playing experience, regardless of whether your go-to game is slots, online roulette, blackjack, or any of the other fun and popular games we have to offer. Here, you can count on no-wagering offers and rewards. As always, we take great care in consistency in transparency and fairness, with no minimum withdrawal and money back on every real money spin.

What is the Spinning Wilds slot RTP?

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for the GVG Spinning Wilds slot is 96.1%. That said, I’d like to point out that this was the RTP for the version of the game that I played. This might change if you play a different version from the one I tried. Fortunately, it’s easy to check the RTP for a version you intend to play. Just check the game rules to find out. Then, you’ll know if it was identical to the one I played, or if it is different in some way.

Regardless of the RTP, when you play the Spinning Wilds slot game at OJO, you’ll always be able to enjoy the OJOplus benefits, meaning that you’ll get money back every time you place a bet, regardless of whether it wins or loses.