Fire and Roses Joker Slot


The Fire and Roses Joker slot game from Games Global is vintage-style 5-reel chaos filled with features and surprises in a theme halfway between a traditional court jester and modern acrobatic circus. Beyond that, it offers an in-game progressive jackpot experience.

Why play the Fire and Roses Joker slot?

In-game progressive jackpot

Exciting free spins

Increase multiplier

What we think about the Fire and Roses Joker slot

“This game is playful, silly, and fun, with beautiful graphics and lots of features to provide a consistently exciting experience!”

Is Fire and Roses Joker the right slot for you?

Fire and Roses Joker was created by iGaming company Games Global and is among the more popular titles from that content supplier, despite the 1000+ titles it has released. Its appeal is no joke. The moment you begin play, you’re launched into a spirited game with the comical jester on your side, just waiting for those tokens to land!

It was the in-game progressive jackpot bonus game I found to be the most fun, which isn’t all that surprising. That said, this game does it particularly well as it weaves its theme of fire and roses into the experience. When the jackpot bonus game launches, you have the opportunity to spin a big wheel. The amount you could win depends on the colour of the rose that lands when the wheel stops. Each colour represents a different prize.

Fire and Roses Joker Slot Screenshot

That said, I also liked the free spins bonus game quite a bit. The inclusion of the increase multiplier really upped the excitement level for me, even compared to other free spins bonus games I’ve played.

The Fire and Roses Joker game has five reels, and you can place real money bets ranging from $0.20 to $50.00. Since there are a few different features wrapped into this one, if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to try them out with the free demo mode before you actually start betting. I like doing that so I can find my way around the game and learn how it works before real money is involved.

The graphics were particularly fun in this 720 paylines game, since they stop the experience from becoming simply repetitive. The joker pops in and out as you play, with funny audio to suit what she’s doing. This is a nice detail that Games Global slots often weaves into its games, so if you’ve liked other titles by this provider, this is a good one to try next.

Game features

In-Game Progressive Jackpot

The in-game progressive jackpot in the Fire and Roses Joker slot machine is triggered by accumulating enough tokens to fill a collection pot in the shape of a big rose. Over time, the tokens fill the rose with golden fire. These tokens can land whenever you spin the reels. Once the pot is full, the jackpot wheel appears in a bonus game that is a lot of fun to play.

Jackpot Wheel

When the jackpot wheel is triggered, its game appears on the screen. This provides you with the chance to spin the wheel and win the prize associated with the coloured rose you land upon when the wheel stops. This means that players have a chance to win 1 of 5 guaranteed jackpots. The value of the jackpot varies, depending on the scale of the bets that had been made during basic play, and the tokens that have accumulated. Once the jackpot is awarded, each individual rose’s jackpot returns to its starting value.

Fire and Roses Joker Features Screenshot

While I was playing, I triggered the jackpot wheel somewhat regularly, making it quite an active part of my play. I’m not sure if that’s typical of the game or if I was just lucky, but I was able to spin the wheel several times throughout my play of the game.

Free Spins

The free spins bonus game is triggered by landing scatter symbols that spell out the word “JOKER”. This awards a minimum of 4 spins, with a minimum of 2 additional spins awarded based on the scatter symbols that have landed to trigger the game. The right scatter symbols also boost the multiplier, which may already have been increased during base game play. The multiplier can climb up to 5x and is applicable to the scatter wins and ways wins, but not the jackpot wins. The free spins all play automatically, and any wins are added to the base game total wins.

Wild Symbols

As is the case with many real money online casino slots, there are wild symbols that appear while playing Fire and Roses Joker. They can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, and can substitute any symbol except the jackpot triggers and the scatters.

Increasing Multiplier

If you land a scatter symbol on 4 of the reels during base play, it increases the free spins multiplier by 0.5x (up to a maximum possible 10x). When the free spins bonus game is triggered, the scatter symbols can increase the multiplier by up to 5x, meaning a total possible maximum of 15x.

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My verdict

Fire and Roses Joker is a great game for players who enjoy that vintage slots experience in combination with some modern and funky features. The base play’s graphics and audio are very high quality, and the theme keeps things hot. That said, when it really picks up is when the wilds, scatters, and other symbols land, triggering bonus games and the jackpot wheel.

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How can I try Fire and Roses Joker for free?

Though betting starts at $0.20 when you play with real money, when you’re at PlayOJO, you can also choose to play the Jurassic Park Gold online slot for free using the demo version. That version provides an unlimited amount of freeplay, letting you play the game and test the features for as long as you’d like. All you need to do is sign up and search for the Jurassic Park Gold title. When you find it, select the “Try for Free” option, and you’re all set. No deposit needs to be made to play the Jurassic Park Gold slot demo version.

How do you win an in-game Fire and Roses Joker jackpot?

The in-game Fire and Roses Joker jackpot comes with the opportunity to win one of five jackpot prizes embedded into a wheel-based bonus game. The jackpot wheel is triggered when you have accumulated enough tokens during base play to fill the jester’s rose-shaped pot. Once the pot is full and flaming, the big wheel is triggered, and you are given a free spin. The prize you win depends on the colour of rose on which your wheel spin lands, and how much of a prize has accumulated in that rose colour’s pot during base play.

There are five rose colours, starting with the smallest in-game jackpot from the green rose, increasing in size through the colours purple, red, and blue, with the largest prize associated with the gold rose.

Why should I play the Fire and Roses Joker slot at PlayOJO?

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What is the Fire and Roses Joker slot RTP?

The version of the high volatility Games Global Fire and Roses Joker slot I played had a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 96.01%. That said, keep in mind that there are several versions of this game, each of which has a different RTP. Therefore, before you start playing, it’s a good idea to check the RTP of the specific game you’ll be playing. It might be the same as the one I played, or it could be different.

Learning the RTP of the game version you’re playing is easy, since all you need to do is check the game rules. When you do this before you place your first bet, you’ll be sure to inform yourself before real money becomes a factor. Still, it’s reassuring to know that if you play the Fire and Roses Joker slot game at OJO, you’ll have the OJOplus benefits on your side, meaning that you’ll get money back on every bet you make, regardless of whether you actually win or lose!