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Winter in the UK officially starts on 21st December and as we enter the chilliest months of the year, we wondered how our OJOers might be embracing the frost. Will it be central heating cranked up to the max and not leaving the house until March, or a ten extra layers and out for daily hikes? We put the question out there and asked our OJOers… What is YOUR ideal kind of winter?

What’s Your Ideal Kind Of Winter?

The nights are drawing in and electric blankets are turning on. But what does this winter have in store for you? Grand plans to get out there and embrace the chill or hibernating until Spring with a daily Netflix viewing schedule? We asked you OJOers: What’s your idea of an ideal winter?

Would you rather a. be snuggled up under a blanket watching the fire with a glass of brandy, b. have a Netflix marathon with pizza and chocolate Santas, c. dress in top to toe thermals and take brisk daily walks/hikes or d. take the time to write that winter-themed novel you’d always dreamed of?

We asked the question, and here are the results..

What OJOers want from their winter

It seems that 0% of you want to use the extra time indoors to write a winter-themed book – fair play, it was a bit of a niche pick. There are a good handful of you brazen OJOers (13.3%) who are eager to get out there and embrace the winter chill, choosing option C of ‘top-to-toe thermals and brisk daily walks/hikes’ (snow sledging/ building igloos for some). Well, Elsa and Anna would certainly be proud!

30% of you will spend the winter snuggled up under a blanket watching the fire with a glass of brandy (or other food/drink varieties), and the 56.6% majority of you are looking forward to a winter of TV and Netflix, with as much of your fave food and drink as you jolly well fancy.

Are we surprised by the results? Not at all! Mainly because the OJO crew all opted for A and B as well! It seems that the cold weather makes most of us want to go into hibernation mode and binge on anything and everything that’s within easy reach. After all, we spend the summer overindulging in Vitamin D and outdoorsyness so that we can let it all hang out for winter. And for all you daily winter walkers, do some extra laps for the rest of us.


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