This Sunday 10th is Mother’s Day – when we get to show the mothers and grandmothers in our lives how special they are. Sorted a present yet? Well, you could go down the flowers/chocolate route… OR you could buy them something so special and unique, they’ll be talking about it for weeks, months or maybe even years to come! If you’re looking to turn the “Awww” factor into the “WOW” factor this Mother’s Day, be glad you landed on this page…

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

OJO’s Unique Mother’s Day Gift List is all purchasable online, won’t break the bank, and will long outlive those dead flowers by the end of the week.

1. Name her a Star

Wishing upon a star could be closer to home than you think. For a bargain price of £12.99, you can actually name a star after someone. The star will be visible from the UK, so as long as it’s a clear night, your star will always be shining   – what better way to tell your mum she’s the star of your life.

2. Grow her own chilli plants

If your mum is a fan of Curry Wednesdays, Curry Thursdays or ‘Bring-On-The-Curry-Any-Day’, there’s no better gift than a Chilli Growing Kit. For just over a tenner, your mum can become the Charlie Dimmock of chilli growing with her very own supply of home-grown chilli varieties all ready on her windowsill. She’ll be singing, “chilli in the mornin’, chilli in the even’, chilli at supper tiiime…”.

3. Adopt her a penguin

If David Attenborough’s display of endangered species brings a tear to your mum’s eye, she might just melt if you told her she’s actually adopted one. There’s a wide variety of animals you can adopt these days, from donkeys and giraffes to owls and even whales! Adopting a penguin for example, costs as little as £3 a month and the package includes adoption updates and a cuddly penguin toy!

4. Plant a tree in her name

Yes, flowers are always a lovely gift, but they won’t last you as long as… say… a tree. Why not consider turning things around this Mother’s Day; instead of giving your mum cut flowers, why not have a tree planted in her name that’ll be around for years to come? For as little as £15 you can have your choice of tree planted in your mum’s name and even get a personalised certificate for the mantelpiece.

5. Tarot Reading

Granted, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but a tarot card reading might be quite the exciting gift for the open-minded mums out there. The internet is brimming with online tarot readings and some of these psychics have been in the business for years. A 30-minute tarot reading can start from around £30 and has been known to reveal all sorts of secrets from the unknown. Ooohhhhhhh.

6. Make her a Dame!

This one will really lift her up to where she belongs! For the surprisingly affordable price of £26.95, you can officially make your mother a Dame – those Downton Abbey folk are in for a bit of competition. Once she’s received her certificate, she’ll officially be able to start using the title of Dame! You might live to regret it, but no doubt she’ll love it.

7. Online Escape Room

Does your mum love a good murder mystery? Is she a master at the Sunday crossword? Well, she might just be the perfect teammate for an Online Escape Room – a Mother’s Day gift that’ll really get her going, and you can invite the whole family along too. From murder mysteries to CSI Mafia Murders, there’s a huge range of online themes available for teams of around 6 players, average prices hitting around the £15 mark.

8. At-home Ukulele Starter-kit

Did your mum ever dream of learning an instrument? Well, it’s never too late to get started, especially with one of the easiest-to-learn instruments out there – the humble ukulele! Feet up at the end of the day with the melodic sounds of the Hawaiian Islands could be right up your mum’s street. A Ukulele Starter Kit costs only £33.99 and comes with a songbook, a bag and all sorts of cool ukulele essentials.


Aviva is the Content Manager at PlayOJO and writes blogs, copy and all things OJOey. A copy/content marketer for over 7 years, she gets her creative juices flowing by singing, dancing (around her living room), and belly laughing regularly.