Make the weather fairer?

Here at PlayOJO we’re all about making the unfair fair and when you live in the UK, there are few things that feel more unfair than the weather we have to put up with. It’s unpredictable at the best of times, but it feels like this summer was especially crazy. One minute we’re roasting on the beaches, the next minute our houses are flooded. One minute we’re cooking some BBQ burgers, the next we’re hiding under brollies!

To make matters worse, the weather isn’t just ruining our plans, it’s ruining our bank balances too. PlayOJO research showed that over half of us (51%) have had plans ruined or cancelled by bad weather this summer and a quarter of Brits (24%) said they had lost over £100 this year thanks to weather-ruined plans.

This gave us an idea – what if we could make the weather fairer? Despite our best efforts, we can’t actually control the weather, but we can fix some of the upset it causes – we’re calling it ‘Weather The Weather’.

The premise is simple. If you’ve had your plans ruined by the weather, let us know and we’ll try and fix it. So, if your wedding was a washout, we could offer to reshoot all of your images on a glorious sunny day. If your BBQ was cancelled, we could restock your fridge and sort you out with a marquee so you can go inside in style. If you were meant to be going to a cancelled festival, we’ll see if we can get you to see your favorite band live another time!

To enter simply head on over to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tell us your story.

We needed some help spreading the word, so we got in touch with Love Island’s favorite couple Alex and Olivia Bowen to assist us. Obviously Love Islanders know what it’s like to have a perfect, rain-free summer…but that’s not the only reason we’re working with this lovely pair – they don’t get much luck with weather in the UK – or anywhere else!

Why are you fronting PlayOJO’s ‘Weather The Weather’ campaign?

Olivia: “As soon as we got the call, we were really keen to do it because the weather nearly took out our wedding! We were so worried because so much of the wedding was outside, it looked like we were going to have to cancel some plans, which would have been a ridiculous waste of money.

“So often in this country you plan things, but they never work out because of the weather. So, if you’ve had a wedding and it’s been rained on, our UK casino PlayOJO will pay for you to get your wedding photos reshot, or if you were meant to go to a festival that got cancelled, they’ll buy you tickets to go and see your favorite band. It’s all about giving back people their summers back…which obviously we love because we’re all about summer.”

Obviously as ex-Love Islanders, you must prefer the summertime?

Alex: “I actually love winter! I think I prefer wearing winter fashion. In the summer, men can just wear t-shirts and shorts and there’s less variation. That said, I moan when it’s too cold and I moan when it’s too hot too – I’m a proper Englishman!

Olivia: I love summer though because everyone is in a much better mood. Nights are longer, the days are brighter, and everyone seems in a better mood. The problem is that English summers are never going to change so we’ll have to get used to it or move abroad.

Maybe we should move to Barbados…but the last time we went there it chucked it down all week too. I suppose that’s why we liked this campaign so much, I might even get involved and enter myself.

To enter simply head on over to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tell us your story.

  1. T&C’s
    Winners will be selected at PlayOJO’s discretion – taking into account the entry and PlayOJO’s ability to deliver a suitable prize/’fix’.
  2. The prize/fix will aim to be a ‘money can’t buy’ experience, with a maximum value of £1,004. The prize will not be £1,004 in cash unless attributed to a specific activity.
  3. All entrants (and any additional benefactors of the prize) must be over the age of 25.
  4. All potential winners must consent to involvement in promotional/media activity relating to the prize/’fix’.
  5. All entrants must be contactable within 72 hours, otherwise PlayOJO will reserve the right to select another winner.
  6. All entries should relate to an activity that was ruined by the weather in 2019.
  7. The best entries will be those that provide the most emotive and detailed entries relating to their plans that were ruined by the weather.
  8. Entries can be submitted via; PlayOJO’s Social Media Channels (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but PlayOJO will also review any entries entered via third parties (e.g Alex and Olivia Bowen/shared tweets etc)
  9. PlayOJO reserves the right, where appropriate, to request proof of the entrants’ claims.

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