• With this month notoriously the worst time to have a birthday party, those who think it’s unfair because they are born in January now have the opportunity to rent a fun celebrity to party with, courtesy of PlayOJO
  • ‘Rent-A-Mate’ celebrities to choose from include Love Island’s cheeky chappy ‘muggy Mike’, Benidorm’s Sherrie Hewson and former professional footballer Tony Cottee

Those who have birthdays in January know how much it can suck! Let’s face it – everyone is either broke after the big Christmas overspend, doing ‘dry January’ or would rather be snuggled up for a night in front of the TV than out partying.

With dwindling party guests for our poor January babies, OJO is stepping in to bring some fairness to January-born Brits. Our ‘Rent-A-Mate’ competition offers January-born Brits the chance for a real-life celebrity to attend their birthday party! We’re even throwing in a £250 bar tab to get the party started!

The possible mates-to-be include Love Island’s Mike Thalassitis (best known as ‘muggy Mike’), Benidorm’s Sherrie Hewson  and former professional footballer and manager Tony Cottee. The question is, which one of them would make the best party guest? Well that’s for you January birthday lovelies to decide!

From left to right: (‘muggy’) Mike Thalassitis, Sherrie Hewson and Tony Cottee


Explaining why people should pick him for their birthday bash, Mike Thalassitis said:

“I was born in January, so I completely understand how annoying it can be to have your birthday during the month when all of your friends are cash-strapped and staying in to save money. It’s hard to convince people to come out in Jan and missing your mates can put a real downer on the night, so if they won’t go along and have a good time with you, I’m certainly up for it!”

Sherrie Hewson added:

“It’s no one’s fault that they’re born in January and it’s a shame for those who won’t be able to celebrate properly with all of their friends. I don’t like how miserable everyone seems at the start of the year with the cold weather and the back-to-work blues, so I want to do my bit to help people with a birthday this month have a memorable birthday this year.

Tony Cottee also put his claim forward to be the selected star to celebrate with, saying:

“As I’m born in July, people are usually in good spirits for my birthday but those born in January sadly aren’t as fortunate. I’m ready and waiting to come off the bench and be part of someone’s big night out!”

If you were born in Jan, congrats, you can enter the competition to Rent-A-Mate! All you need to do is enter via the link below where you’ll be asked to choose your preferred celeb guest and the reason why you chose them. Then we will randomly select a winner once the competition closes on 23.01.19 following which the lucky party host/hostess and celeb guest will be announced. Good luck y’all!

A spokesperson for PlayOJO said:

“We are challenging the UK online casino industry by being honest and transparent and we hate seeing unfair situations in life, so we like to do our bit to put them right. We don’t think it’s fair that those born in January will end up with the birthday blues just because they happen to have been born soon after Christmas and New Year, so this is our way of treating one lucky individual to a birthday that trumps all others. Good luck to our entrants and we can’t wait to hear all about our winner’s fun celebrations.”


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