Balancing things out this Leap Year 2020

29th February – that lone traveller who pops back every 4 years to check in, or rather to keep things in check. Yes, that’s what our little leap year friend does, literally keeping the calendar and seasonal year synchronised – basically if we didn’t have them, we’d eventually be celebrating Christmas in July and everything would be all higgledy-piggledy.

A whopping 4 million people in the world were born on a leap day. Ja Rule is one of them and so is motivational guru, Tony Robbins. Our leap day babies have even have their own little identity and can be referred to as “leapers” or “leaplings”. Well that’s all fine and dandy, but what about when it comes to celebrating their birthday? They only really get 1 official birthday every four years – man, they were robbed!

Ja Rule – one of the 4 million leap year babies.

29 Free Spins for OJO’s Leaplings

We think it’s unfair that leaplings get the short end of the stick on the birthday front. That’s why we’ve decided to make this year’s birthday extra special for them coz let’s face it, their next official birthday isn’t exactly on the horizon.

So amigos, if you were born on 29th February and love nothing more than taking a spin on the top-notch games hosted by OJO, listen up, coz you’re getting 29 Free Spins as a happy birthday from the fair casino! Here’s what you’ve got to do:

  • Go to our Facebook Page.
  • From 00:00-23:59 on 29th Feb,  comment on our Leap Year post: “I’m a Leapling!” with your OJO username.
  • The OJO crew will confirm that you’re an authentic 29th February born baby.
  • All verified players will receive 29 Free Spins!
*Terms & conditions apply – see below.

Leapin’ Leprechauns

And this year isn’t the only thing that’s taking a leap in OJO world. A certain Irish fella is taking leaping to the next level in Rainbow Riches Leapin’ Leprechauns. I kid you not, our ginger-haired Irish amigo is leaping his way from one floating grassy platform to the next, top hat n’ all, in this unique variety of the Rainbow Riches clan.

You’re almost taken back to Super Mario days with all this jumping and leaping, but this is exercise that could certainly pay off. The prizes on these grassy platforms range from 4-leaf clovers, gold coins, pots of gold and rainbows and their prize value can range between half and 100x your stake.

Obstacles will add a bit of resistance to this cardio session and they come in the form of: cracked platforms with a hole to fall through, a snake who is less than neighbourly, the unlucky number 13 and a cracked mirror, which we all know means thousands of years bad luck.

Luckily, there are also Power-Ups in this game and these guys ain’t got no time for obstacles. They can squash any obstacles in the leprechaun’s way and keep him moving in the right direction. Power-ups include a heart, horseshoe, balloon and a magic hat and here’s what they do: The hearts squash any obstacles for the next two leaps, horseshoes squash obstacles for the next three jumps and balloons just do their own thing and fly past all of the platforms and land on a prize that’s been multiplied up to 5x, and magic hats are there when you’ve used all your powers up and makes sure you get to a platform. So amigo, are you ready to take a leap?

*29 Free Spins Terms and Conditions:

  • Participants will only be eligible for the prize if they have left a comment on the Facebook post on 29.02.2020 between 00:00 – 23.59
  • Participants who have unverified OJO accounts with relevant verification documents may be asked to supply ID proof of birthdate.


Aviva is the Content Manager at PlayOJO and writes blogs, copy and all things OJOey. A copy/content marketer for over 7 years, she gets her creative juices flowing by singing, dancing (around her living room), and belly laughing regularly.

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