Eurovision 2019

It’s that time again folks! The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 is here and the international (coz Australia aint Europe love) song event of the year is set to be a blinder of an event! Hosted this year in Tel Aviv, which is renowned for its party atmosphere, there’ll be millions of people from around the world tuning in to gush/laugh at this year’s hopeful performers.

Since Eurovision began back in 1956, 66 songs have won the annual competition and that includes a tie of 4 winners in 1969! Last year in Lisbon, Netta won for Israel with the ever so catchy “Toy” entry and the year before Portugal won when Salvador Sobral got us all worked up with the gorgeous song his own sister composed, “Amar pelos dois”. The talent has no limits.

Netta winning for Israel at last years Eurovision 2019

Has Britain got talent?

This year, 42 countries will be taking part in the contest and 26 of those will go through to the final event which takes place on Saturday 18th May. The UK automatically gets through to the Eurovision 2019 final as one of the biggest financial contributors to the European Broadcast Union. But just coz we’re through to the final, we’ll still have to knock out a stonker of a song to be in with a chance.

Enter Michael Rice, the voice behind this year’s UK song entry, “Bigger Than Us”. Bless him, he’s only 21 years old but his very grown up voice landed him the winning place in BBC’s talent show All Together Now back when it began. But will our talented Mr Rice be bringing the Eurovision glory home?

Britain nil pois? You: 20 Free Spins!

Of course, there’s hope for Britain with young Mr Rice but the UK hasn’t always been successful in its quest for Eurovision glory. We’ve only won the contest a handful of times since the 1950’s thanks to the likes of Lulu and Bucks Fizz and we’re often found at the bottom of the leader board with a whole load of nil pois to our name.

To balance things out if  things don’t go our way, how about this? Every time Britain receive nil pois (0 points) you’re eligible to receive 20 Free Spins! This is how it’s gonna work:

  1. (If) Britain gets 0 points, pop to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page to comment.
  2. Your comment should include the offending country and your username.
  3. We’ll choose 10 lucky winners from each social media platform who will each win 20 FREE SPINS!


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