When you play the Vikings Go Berzerk slot game from Yggdrasil Gaming, you’ll be diving into a world of rage and fury from back when these Norse adventurers and seafarers took on their entire world, only you’ll be seeking treasure chests from among longboat, helmet, and flaming sword symbols.

Why play the Vikings Go Berzerk slot?

Viking Berzerk mode

Ragnarök free spins

Win up to 4,000x

What we think about the Vikings Go Berzerk slot

“Fierce high-quality graphics and audio and an exciting Viking Berzerk mode make this adventure massive fun!”

Is Vikings Go Berzerk the right slot for you?

Vikings Go Berzerk was created by Yggdrasil Gaming, a popular and well-known iGaming content supplier. This title is only one of hundreds of games from the company and is an easy favourite. The Vikings Go Berzerk slot gives you a sizeable serving of two exciting things the ancient people were known for: their incredible long boats and sailing prowess, and their brutal raiding and warring style. The moment you start playing, you’re sent back to their mythology and onto one of their boats.

My favourite part of playing is usually free spins bonus games, and the Vikings Go Berzerk slot had not one, but two free spins features. The first is a more traditional bonus game that is triggered by landing three or more of the Free Spin symbols. When it’s triggered, the Siren is engaged in combat whenever they land on the reels. Your goal is a victory for the Vikings in the fight sequence in which the wilds transform into sticking wilds.

The second chance for bonus Vikings Go Berzerk free spins play is with the Ragnarök Free Spins in which they go into berserk mode and transform into sticky wilds. This feature is triggered through the golden treasure chest, which is a bonus randomizer.

Vikings Go Berzerk Slot Screenshot

Vikings go Berzerk has 25 paylines, and real money bets start at $0.10 and can go as high as $125.00. There is also a free play demo mode that you can play if you’re not ready to start betting, if you want to get the feel of the game before you place a bet, or if you just want to enjoy the game without any risk. Demo modes are a part of my overall strategy to get to know a game before I start playing with money.

I liked that this title was packed with fun features to keep up the action and ensure that any given style of play doesn’t become too repetitive or boring. In my experience, there was always something new to shake things up and keep the play fresh. This is something I appreciate about many of the slots by Yggdrasil, and if you feel the same way, then this is a title you’ll likely want to try out.

Game features

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are a hugely popular feature in many games, and the Vikings Go Berzerk slot game goes above and beyond by offering two different types: the normal wild symbols and the sticky wild symbols.

The normal ones make it possible to boost a win on various combinations by replacing other symbols that have landed on the board during that spin (except the Free Spins, Treasure Chest, and Golden Treasure Chest scatters). There are different ways for the game to work with the wild symbols when three combinations begin with three wilds. That said, it will always select the highest winning combinations. During a Free Spin bonus game or following a Viking win in a battle against the Siren, the wilds can become sticky wilds.

Treasure Chest Symbols

The treasure chest symbol can appear during any spin, but it will only appear on the fourth reel. When it does, it can also designate a coin that will increase your bet by somewhere between 2x and 40x. Aside from that coin, the treasure chest symbol can also help you unlock the Free Spins, which will trigger a bonus game play with between 7 and 21 free spins.

Vikings Go Berzerk Features Screenshot

Golden Treasure Chest

Chances for even bigger prizes become available when the golden treasure chest symbols land. In this case, your bet can be increased by anywhere from 10x to 400x, you have the chance for anywhere from 7 to 21 free spins, and you might even get a Rage Boost that will increase each Viking or Ragnarök free spins by 25%.

When the Golden Treasure Chest is activated while you’re already in Free Spin mode, there are chances for slightly different rewards. These might be 2 to 4 additional free spins, coin wins, between 1 and 2 additional sticky wilds, or a wild reel. If the treasure chests land on top of a sticky wild symbol, both the wild symbol and the treasure chest will be simultaneously activated during that round.

Ragnarök Free Spins

One of the fun ways that Vikings Go Berzerk stands out among legal online slots in Canada is in the form of the Ragnarök free spins feature. Here, all the Vikings will go into berserk mode and will remain as sticky wilds until the end of the session. This feature is triggered through the Golden Treasure chest and the bonus randomizer ahead of the regular free spin bonus game.

Viking Berzerk Mode

Viking Berzerk mode is so much fun that it made it into the title of the game. When this mode activates, it ensures that the battle with the Siren will be victorious for the Vikings and your battle pals will become sticky wilds. This mode is triggered when the character’s rage meter is filled or when Ragnarök free spins is activated.

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My verdict

Viking Go Berzerk is an exciting game that is packed with adventure and story just as it is a conventional slot at the same time. Yggdrasil has done a particularly good job at its integration of the theme and by incorporating a spectrum of fun features that feed right into the concept of Vikings at sea and of some of their myths as well.

If you’re looking for a bare-bones classic game experience, this one might be a little heavy for you. That said, if you want an action-packed game that delivers in terms of gaming, story, and excitement, this is a fun title to choose.

Are you ready to help the Viking warriors to win their battle against the Siren, to discover treasure chests and the golden treasure chest in particular, all at PlayOJO’s safe online casino? Are you ready to experience the intensity of Berzerk mode and spiking Viking Rage? Sign up today to claim our welcome offer when you make your first deposit. Remember, there are no wagering requirements and there is no win limit (terms apply). Time to go berserk!


How can I try Vikings Go Berzerk for free?

Vikings Go Berzerk is available to play both for real money as well as in its free play version at PlayOJO. When you choose the demo version, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited free play with the Vikings Go Berzerk game for as long as you want. To access that option, simply sign up, search for the game title, and select the Try for Free option. To play the Vikings Go Berzerk demo version, you do not need to make a deposit.

How do you trigger Viking Berzerk mode?

The Viking Berzerk mode means that your Vikings are certain to beat the Siren in battle. When they do, they will then turn into a sticky wild. This mode is triggered when a Viking’s rage metre is completely filled or when you activate the Ragnarök free spins.

The Viking rage is something unique to this title series. Every time you win with one of the Vikings, you’ll receive rage for that individual character. The longer the combination you win, the greater the rage intensity. Gradually, this will fill the rage meter. Once it’s filled, the free spins bonus game will activate, and the berserk mode will be triggered for that character.

Why should I play the Vikings Go Berzerk slot at PlayOJO?

PlayOJO is an easy choice when you want to play the Vikings Go Berzerk slot, thousands of other great slot titles, or even if your preference is for something else such as blackjack or to play roulette online.

This is where no-wagering rewards and offers were first created. On top of that, as always, we are immensely proud of our consistent and transparent fairness, with no minimum withdrawal and money back on every real money spin.

What is the Vikings Go Berzerk slot RTP?

Vikings Go Berzerk is considered to be a medium-high volatility game, with a moderately high RTP of 96.1%. The maximum win is 4,000x your bet. That said, other versions of the game may have a different RTP than the one I played. Therefore, I highly recommend always checking the RTP of the specific game you’re playing to make certain you’re fully informed as you get started. It’s easy to do this, as you just need to check the game rules for the version you’re about to begin playing.

That said, when you choose the Vikings Go Berzerk slot game at OJO, you’ll also have the OJOplus benefits on your side, meaning that with every bet you make, you’ll be getting money back, no matter whether that spin wins or loses!